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suggesting that once sat Museum is casual and arbitrary combination of pop culture.”Museums should not be far away from the audience.” Von Pearl said, “with the people close to the museum,christian louboutin for cheap, heritage is not bare close the museum to do with the people close to be able to rely on the people close to the activity.”Source: August 16, 2013 issue of “Global” magazine 16″Global” magazine authorize the use of other media for reprint, please contact AYanling a hill hidden “daughter of” only daughter was to marry the door”There are four a girl,abercrombie fitch, another girl has five, Dr. Lang married into, raw or a girl.””You want to bring a few pieces of clothing to go, there was cold.” November 15, at the time of departure to the village of Nine Dragon Hill group,christian louboutin, led Yanling Long slag village cadres reminder.The village at an altitude of over 1500 meters of Yanling,parajumpers homme, Zixing and Guidong County at the junction of the mountains Mang forest. Village surrounded by mountains, mountain bamboo repair Lin,louboutin, Wang two streams and over around the village. Original village the villagers more than 50 people, 90% of daughter ;, male villagers were door-law.Today, nine mountain pass on the TV, phone, repair of the mountain, the villagers out of the mountains, in touch with the outside world, the group of four families also built a red brick house,parajumpers paris, can be described as a new scene.Crosses! Crosses! Nine Hermit hope to repair the road!Village cadres riding a motorcycle along the winding street of S322 road circling for a long time in the mountains, we get off, climb a mountain more than 300 meters. After the climb,barbour homme, we lighthearted mood is one tight, in front of the road, two meters wide, but the left is bottomless cliff, potholes hard line.No wonder.

the famous music lyricist Vincent Fang is invited to lecture, he shared the inspiration to write “Preface” lyrics with citizens. Site also premiered his and Jay jointly launched the “Preface” MV.Wang’s “Preface” is the representative of Chinese calligraphy, but ordinary people do not know much. As a young idol, Vincent Fang not only attracted a lot of students go to the package tour, and through the sharing of popular music with traditional calligraphy encounter with the people, so that more people on the “Preface” to the United States have recognized that traditional calligraphy.Taipei Palace Museum to invite Vincent Fang.

the “daughter of” kept in purdah did not know Oh!”This road, built in 1995 still.” Hill has served nine years has been fortunate group leader, said that at that time, Lin Xia Zhen one kind of large, want the timber contract here,abercrombie soldes, the villagers agreed to give him 3,000 acres of woodland development 60 years, but he got to repair one from nine mountain road leading to the outside.After the way through, a lot has changed nine mountain. 69-year-old assault group Kwai E said: “the road is not through, we had to pick out the fertilizer crosses, one hour away,parajumpers homme, came more than two hours.”She said that if the lug mountains digging fern root powder, mushrooms,christian louboutin sale, bamboo shoots to the Hindu pots fair city-owned,tiffany, are generally required to get up at 4:00 in the morning, at night six or seven houses to fall, “after the way through, someone into Hill,doudoune pjs, the acquisition of our specialty. “Villagers see the outside cover a lot of houses, it has come back to build a new house, “my son comes to a new era, we must live in the red brick house.

800 million yuan this year is expected to reach NT.But for the Taipei National Palace Museum, the merchandise just a small part of the cultural and creative. “Man is a holistic approach to create each time a special exhibition of the exhibit,escarpins louboutin, part of the success of the cultural and creative environment for people to provide leisure, cafes, tea rooms … all cultural and creative people often make is to not only to once, and each time have come to feel a different atmosphere. “Jin Shi first.National Palace Museum in Taipei coffee shop,abercrombie paris, there is a royal drink called “three tea” in. This is the year of the physician to Emperor Qianlong refreshing drinks prepared with pine nuts,cheap christian louboutin, plum, bergamot brew drink. Jin Shi first said,hogan scarpe, “three tea” and the recipe is a well-documented,zanotti pas cher, “You can not Hubian false Qianlong drink tea. This is not a cultural and creative.”Another important factor is the lower figure Taipei Palace cultural and creative success.Taipei Palace Museum, who is also superior, are the people known as the “Imperial Ancestral Temple.” Jin Shi first said, “In the past, is doing the exhibition to the public to see. Now, is inviting the public to come to see, the use of cultural and creative to lure people come to see.”In order to allow more young people to take the initiative came in and saw the rich cultural treasures, often with some of the Taipei Palace exhibition famous cultural figures invited to speak or share personal experiences related to the exhibition.2008 organized the “track name Jin and Tang calligraphy exhibition”.

” says E beaten Kwai, 1996, in their home covered with a layer of red brick house Today,hogan scarpe, there are four nine mountain man who lives in the red brick house, but others live in the soil or old house.”In 1987.