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teacher professional treatment is not high, and the lack of ethics training and other factors, led to some teachers ethos is not correct,red bottom shoes for women, as the parents’ door way of making money. “Vice president of 21st Century Education Research XiongBingJi believes that some teachers do not just influenced by the trend of educational resources differentiation. “Teacher within groups,tn pas chere, differentiation of the ‘privileged’, where a few high-quality school teachers accounted for more educational resources,air jordan, so take the resources to rent-seeking in the cause of many discussions of Teacher’s Day gifts events,christian louboutin sale, receive real parents gifts, is a teacher in the minority,hollister femme, concentrated in some key schools, urban schools. Some rural schools.

teaching resources are relatively weak school teachers, still beg for their children to go to school. “XiongBingJi said.One teacher told reporters that “special treatment”, “selecting cadres,” “transfer position” and “crooked trick” in recent years, has repeatedly been banned authorities, but some teachers are still against the wind,chaussure tn pas cher, one important reason is that the treatment is not the teaching profession high. By these means,orecchini tiffany, some teachers can reap economic benefits, to make themselves live a more decent life. In addition, teachers are more single circle, most of the time with the students and parents to deal with. By these means some teachers make powerful parents, for their “work” provides convenience.NAEA Visiting Professor Xu Jianguo believes that some teachers and educational fronts atmosphere errors also missing relevant ethics training.

need to improve relevant laws and regulations, in order to get to the root.”Special treatment”, “selecting cadres,cheap christian louboutin,” “transfer position.””Network in China,” Reporters found that there are some teachers through the “special treatment”, “selecting cadres,” “transfer position” in order to carry out the abuse of power on campus,christian louboutin men, to earn income wages, there are some parents to corrupt practices in the community into the campus.”Special treatment.” A school teacher in Hebei,barbour france, a teacher told reporters, individual teacher when the teacher is to organize extra-curricular classes, some knowledge, “do not speak the classroom,hogan sito ufficiale, after-school talk.” August this year,doudoune moncler pas cher, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, a junior high school teacher had to “leave talk of new courses, the school is not repeated stresses” on the grounds, the students participate in paid extra lessons disguised coercion.”Selecting cadres.” Children at a school in Shandong Li Shan told reporters,abercrombie london, in order to give the child to secure a class cadre places whenever she combined with traditional Chinese festivals Teachers’ Day, will be sent to the class teacher shopping card. Because many parents of the class gift, limited class cadre posts, her children can be arranged, “deputy labor members” of such a “supernumerary post.””Transfer position.” In Jiangxi, Yu Wen attended a junior, said the class has a number of very naughty,moncler sito ufficiale, grade point average of the students,moncler outlet online, but the conditions are good family several students after adjusting the seat,scarpe hogan, or sit beside the class of the top ten students, or sitting not far away from the podium. This is often the teacher several students to ask questions,hollister italia, to stand up when she saw the blackboard often tightly block the line of sight.Why do some teachers ethos errors?Reporters learned that the differentiation of educational resources.