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the money can guess the owner is doing theLunch break,christian louboutin for cheap, worked for 20 years of clearing member Xiaoguang Li introduced her to the bank when the first, when almost all manual sorting. “One day at least have to check more than 300 bundles of money,barbour paris, is a bundle of 1000, wooden hands are dry day to survive, really count money hand cramps ah. And Nazhen also no air conditioning in the summer heat is no longer able to open fan, easy blow away the money. “Xiaoguang Li said that the work can not be the slightest mistake. Although the degree of mechanization and improved, but due to prolonged sitting and maintain contact with the yuan, is likely to cause cervical disease and infectious diseases.Boring work where it can find fun, Xiaoguang Li is the “check money Man.” “Some money has boss Xing Weier,parajumpers pas cher, indicating that the user is likely to be selling seafood; all the money there is musty.

the company provides the necessary data, information,cheap christian louboutin, and is responsible for implementation.National Development and Reform Commission, said Chen Yuanlong transport by experts,chaussure tn pas cher, the price can be seen as early loosening test the water price reform of the Ministry of Railways, Iron boss postures join the market competition, however, is a positive signal.Other lines waitWith the arrival of the passenger off-season, the lines should not have high attendance of “high seat” more bleak. The Shanghai-Nanjing, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rail implementation of “limited big promotion,” the main reason is the low attendance. General manager of the Shanghai-Hangzhou Gui Feng said the company money, relatively speaking,red bottom shoes for women, the usual high-speed rail Principal seat, Business Block I vote more, so appropriate adjustments railway resources,hollister femme, hoping not to let non-transport vehicles.Although the discount for limited time special, but the two companies,christian louboutin sale, said the Shanghai-Nanjing,tn requin, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway section Business Block, Principal seat implement preferential fares as a mode of operation of the company,woolrich bologna, after the season, depending on the transport and passenger transport market demand changes, preferential fares periods, train range and preference margins timely adjustments.Faced with the Shanghai-Nanjing,tn, Shanghai-Hangzhou discount, Shanghai, Wuhan-Guangzhou and other lines have indicated no recent discount plans. Internal staff Wuhan Railway Bureau believes that Shanghai Railway Bureau, a move intended to test the market,tn air max 2014 pas cher, and if the result is good, there is likely to be extended to other large seating area and regions. He also believes that the lines because of their different circumstances, to be launched promotions based on their characteristics. But insiders believe that.

to the cash registers in a straight smoke over all children, it may be hidden in some old money Where cover; there hung above the oil bill, with foot odor … washing hands every day, water is black. “Xiaoguang Li admitted that the clearing work very hard, but it is because of the money received had sawed through them the broken, the RMB clearing out with stains, clean people only spend RMB. This gives them a sense of accomplishment. Newspaper reporter GuBusiness Block, 30% discount, 10% discount Principal seat, high-speed rail fare discounts in the history of China’s railway rare. The move was seen as a positive signal, “Iron boss” postures of.May 8, China Railway Customer Service Center Web site ( news release, May 18 – June 20,tn soldes, the Shanghai-Nanjing, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rail trains part of the business base and Principal seat implement preferential fares,pjs doudoune, mainly focus on such “high ticket”, the discount rate were 30% and 10%.Yesterday, the Shanghai-Hangzhou Passenger Railway Co. executives to accept the “First Financial Daily” reporters, said the company’s pricing is mainly based on the guidance of the Shanghai Railway Bureau conducted.

the reporter also noticed a detail clearing members seem to have special “drought”, a morning in the past, in the hands of reporters already drank half of mineral water,barbour paris, clearing members may have very few people will drink a few saliva.”This is long-term habit, drink more will the toilet, often more than one,parajumpers femme, it must affect the sorting speed.” Division Chief SOUTH – clear presentation, because sorting workshop to take the collective system to work, the only other all clearing members have concluded its work, the number of points are checked and cleared after storage, to be able to work collectively.”Our workshop prescribed working hours every day at 7:00 pm back in time but because of the armored car is not uniform, almost all year round can not work in the normal time.” Clearing member of the orchid brother said she had the best drink, but now has a habit,zanotti homme, as long as this to sit, do not drink too uncomfortable thirst,doudoune parajumpers, is the fear of the toilet too many delays.With the smell.