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Lee Seung wind laughed: Nothing, soldiers to the breakwater to soil cover, this Who Controls, We are not afraid of any opponent, do not you?

Ah, it is necessary that spirit!

Look at the time, has more than 11:00, He Yi Inquirer said: at noon in the hall to eat? Or, lets go out special treatment?

I thought and said: Can not divorced from the masses, in the hall to eat, the way you can test the waters of the elimination round player and the reality, to know ourselves Baizhanbudai thing!

Well ……


At noon, the venue banquet hall, enter 16 players nature is joy, there is no team to be eliminated immediately go back, anyway,christian louboutin heels, have food to children living there, but also enjoy star hotel, so why go.

Not far away, candle shadow chaos, gale shadow, who is surrounded by a group of players, asking questions, and many people have expressed a desire to form an alliance with the candle dragon,London Christian louboutin, it is not difficult to understand, candle dragon in the days of the Windy City beat Viola , Taoyuan depths of the other guilds, capability, highlighting the king of the wind, it will naturally attract many stand firm line will not go to an alliance, after all, no one wants to provoke too strong opponent.

I fiddled with chopsticks in front of a fish, said: Little North Ming eat pm, severely beat candle shadow chaos, beat floating clouds ……

North deep snow chuckle: I eat enough, will eat fat, brother, do you like to watch elephant legs?

I glanced at the North deep snow skirt next pair of slender and shapely legs indeed snow gods ah, then shook his head: do not like,christian louboutin cheap, and now this very good ……

Xu Yang, carrying pot came over and said: Boss, Lu dust, how confident you afternoon, ah, when the semi-finals will likely encounter candle dragon, if you can not afford to kill dragon candle, then, can only rely on the bottom half of the snow silver fir, and saying, we two teams wreck, at 8:00 into the four game will encounter snow silver fir ……

Aside, Lin Yixin sipping soup, while revealing a touch of spanking at me beautiful smile,Christian louboutin replica, book fans also like to see:

I stared at her: Damn, snow silver fir two teams are going to exterminate us, and you laugh, needless to say, the evening hours you invited ……

Lin Yixin chuckle: Okay Okay, I call it I ask, why are you so raw atmosphere, exterminate you two teams is not my wish, all ballot blame!


He blinked Arts, said: The two in the afternoon to start the game, but also to take a nap after dinner ……

Well,christian louboutin Ireland, time is too short, sleep is not fun, kill dragon candle after sleep, fun spot!

Ha ha ha, yes ah yes ah!


Satiate, carrying a gaming device came early to the playing field to show the right attitude, then a group of people sitting there Guiche – Guiguzi: partition afternoon game to play, a total of ABCD four groups, each group has only one qualify four teams to emerge stronger, arts chief,christian louboutin pumps, crashed boss, Li Xiaozai team hit, can opener to see you, and whatever the outcome of Laputa Zhengdian light, to get a semi-final places.


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