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has been insane.Laosong litigation request for revocation West District “Comprehensive Management Office” courageous declaration of “reply letter,christian louboutin outlet,” correct decision “administrative reconsideration decision,hogan scarpe,” the.Meanwhile, the matter is courageous declaration decree approved the establishment of the glorious title.It is understood that the prosecution case was the first case of Shenyang “Comprehensive Management Office” requires courageous title of cases identified. � trial focusIs relief among acquaintancesOr courageous between strangersYesterday morning, the West District People’s Court hearing the case. Course of the trial, the focus of debate both sides still is whether courageous act.Laosong party still stick to their claims that the Song Gangjiang behavior are courageous.West District “Comprehensive Management Office” aspects attorney said Samaritan should cover, escape, the victim away from danger.

paperwork, they will not have identified Song Gangjiang courageous activists conditions.In this regard, Laosong Undeterred, West District will submit relevant materials Samaritan Foundation office, again for his son to declare courageous title.May 2012, West District Samaritan Foundation office replies Old Song: “After careful review and I do again in contrast to the pre-judgments,peuterey, for the process of the incident,parajumpers femme, there is no new evidence, so I do still maintain 2008 to you Reply Comment. “After Laosong find West District “Comprehensive Management Office” again. In January this year, and the other replies Laosong “maintain 2008 reply to your opinion.”So Laosong West District People’s Court to apply for administrative reconsideration,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, called for the repeal of the reply before approving matters for his son to declare courageous.March of this year.

November 2006, the Court of First Instance sentenced,woolrich parka, but the parties have refused to accept an appeal, in subsequent years, the court repeatedly to reopen the case, in October 2013, the case of Final Appeal, the Court dismissed the appeal and upheld the original verdict.After the verdict,abercrombie paris, father Laosong party is still not satisfied, in May of this year, the court held that the verdict accurate conviction,abercrombie pas cher, sentencing appropriate,parajumpers femme, with the civil part of the judgment is correct, legal proceedings will Laosong appeal dismissed.His father was accused of child courageous declaration does not have the conditionFor Songgang Jiang’s death, his father Laosong considered courageous, “Ryu he saved a life,moncler doudoune, if not him, Liu died!”So, Song Gangjiang died less than a month, Laosong began to declare courageous son.July 19, 2005,nike tn officiel, the unit Laosong, economic management area of � he village committee Laosong living in Phoenix, Phoenix City of Phoenix Economic Management District, West District Politics and Law Committee to apply ratified as “courageous”,hollister, where Song Gangjiang Shenyang Institute of Chemical Technology has to be proved.April 2007,doudoune pjs, Shenyang Institute of Chemical Song Gangjiang Keya School District is located to the West “Comprehensive Management” application materials submitted for declare courageous title.September 2008, West District, “Comprehensive Management Office,” replied that, in view of the judgment of the Court Laosong objections,parajumpers homme, this case has not yet completed the trial, and the current legal dossier provided by the public security authorities and the courts.

West District People’s Government of the reconsideration decision,piumini moncler, maintaining the previous responses and replies,louboutins, “refused to accept this decision,soldes louboutin, you can file an administrative lawsuit to the court.”Father prosecute “Comprehensive Management Office” requirement identified SamaritanJune 3 this year,air max homme, Old Song receipt of the decision of West District People’s Government. 10, 64-year-old West District Laosong will “Comprehensive Management Office” and West District People’s Government to court. After that, it was changed to only sue West District “Comprehensive Management Office.”At this point, has to give Old Song Song Gangjiang courageous declaration regarding exactly rushing title for nine years. Lao Song of the sudden death of his wife, whose son regarding excessive stimulation.