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is how to translate into big vernacular language astrolabe. With so-called horoscope completely different things.” Dogcatcher said.Student: multiple selection is also goodAnd foreign schools do not like astrology, dogcatcher astrology classes taught only career astrology. “Content astrology very much, you can be much longer will engage in what kind of job, and how the relationship between the parents, how to love, etc. But regardless of underage students in understanding the cognitive level, or the level of understanding of life on certainly better suited to explore career-minded topic areas. “In addition, another reason dogcatcher focus on career astrology,christian louboutin outlet, he thought with respect to subjective feelings flatted class astrology, career and more objective analysis.On interest classes, dogcatcher will come up with some of the celebrities of the astrolabe, the main dish without notice in the case of the name, so that we use to read the tape to master knowledge to analyze the main dish possible occupations.

and finally reveal the answer.After school, dogcatcher also there is a demand for students to read the tape, and even other teachers will come to him do the math. “I also often help students find things, from a diagram,nike air max 1, find, and they later dropped something first reaction to come to me.””The teacher only taught character and career, never will we see the emotion, he said,hollister milano, this can not be spoilers. Although many people are interested in.” W students went to class a semester of astrology, but I can see her own interests and points very clear.In the first half of this year,air jordan 4, dogcatcher notified that the door on a two-year course is not on astrology. Why would stop on the course, the school and the school do not give a direct answer, but said, “The development of our school lesson content is very rich indeed.” However, the suspension of classes in the student did not cause too much waves.W classmates said,christian louboutin discount, her parents knew of the existence of this course:. “. They told me not to believe that I had no particular faith, according to the reference made just senseless.”Students interested in a wide range of C can be regarded school gangsters, like robotics, preparing to go to read Engineering. After contact with astrology, but a bit tangled: “originally intended to go down that road engineering in the end, but my teacher pointed out that for marketing, every time I see I would say, ‘You’re Marketing, Mar-keting’,doudoune pjs, in and talk to him about career Before.

breathing garlic odor,red bottom shoes for women, vomit can glow in the dark.Morning News reporter Jin WenjieWent to the annual Virgo was “black” period.However, astrologers tell you,tiffany, next time you see “a company to recruit people do Virgo” This news could have scoffed. Indeed, many of the constellations are interested in HR, HR to learn astrology, psychology is also very common, but in the interview, they can not directly ask candidates precise moment of birth, place of birth, so the sun sign alone, That you can calculate the Gregorian birthday sign, another powerful astrologer can not tell you the full personality.Although astrologers have always believed that the occult or metaphysics is astrology should belong to the category, but still continue to be parties to challenge astrology. This does not,parajumpers femme, this semester, Shanghai a prestigious high school interested in developing lesson astrology has quietly shelves.Event 2 years on astrology lessons, was the school quietly ordered a haltWagner talked to the students career-mindedSeptember 1, 2014,abercrombie and fitch, and a beginning of a new semester. Shanghai a prestigious High School for students, their curriculum and a year ago changes are not large,abercrombie france, but in the “interest in developing lesson” elective table, will not have “astrology” option.Director “astrology” This class teacher, dogcatcher, although in astrological circles have been a minor celebrity, but when the “teacher” and “astrology lovers’ two identities overlap, still unwilling to real name appeared. Born in 1985, graduated from Department of Mathematics, Fudan University,tiffany italia, Master of Psychology of Education, taught before, was a name “program ape”, now eat back line of work, a high school math teacher.I teach it,christian louboutin discount, dogcatcher biggest hobby is the study of astrology,air max femme, so when the opportunity to open interest in the development of class, dogcatcher chose this ancient, mysterious and controversial course.”We do not say ‘constellation’, we say ‘astrology’.” Dogcatcher.

I never thought this could be considered marketing direction. “C students that opened a horoscope to her ideas, on the one hand a firm should go along to their own interests will, on the other hand, are more likely an option: “The university may still read engineering, but also consider another minor one,air max bw pas cher, reading a double major. “Dialogue dogcatcher To inspire students to explore self-awareness and sense of funMorning News: Why astrology lesson to the students think?dogcatcher: I think it’s a lack of primary and secondary education curriculum system can guide and assist students in a course of self-awareness. Adults reflect on their own path in life, the most more agreeable “Know yourself” “So a bit more math test” than on human development is more important. Open astrology lessons, hoping to give the students some enlightenment on self-awareness and a sense of fun to explore.

said the concept of astrology in the constellation only a small branch,barbour homme, and the main task is to look at astrology chart.Astrolabe is what? It is the moment you were born in the sky the stars aligned position of the star map. Zodiac for only superficial knowledge of the people, the astrolabe is a full of lines, angles, Arabic,hogan, Greek symbol of geometric patterns; and astrology researchers, where they seem to interpret from this round Your character,boutique louboutin, wealth, career, emotional trends, you do not even need to see the side, you only need to know the exact time of birth and place of birth of latitude and longitude.”My main interest groups astrological chart that describes how to see. Popular say.