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very seriously …” Easy prosperous mother said with tears,hogan.”He is our team leader.

the reporter linked to the name of the young man. Guy called Pei Yang, 90 descendants Luyi County, is an employee of a food company in Fugou.Pei Yang said the incident happened, he was sleeping, a loud noise woke him, “In the beginning we thought it was a car crashed into the main door, and did not think the car caught fire, when the sound particularly large, nearby neighbors are heard drove up,hollister, a lot of people are involved in the rescue. “Speaking to save people’s feelings, Bae Young said: “I simply want to save it, not say, meaning had changed that situation at the time, even if I do not save, there will be someone to save, I just. a step ahead than others. “Currently, drivers Feng Shuai rescued out of danger, being treated in hospital.(Original title: After a fire rescue collapsed pocket medical expenses quie36-year-old Yi had promised prosperity sixty-one accompany seven-year-old son to the park � Express reporter Xuan Gong Li Guohui correspondent Fan MagazineYesterday, this is the day the kids happy, but for 7-year-old Xiaoyu, this year’s Children’s Day is very heavy because of his father, Panyu District,woolrich outlet, Guangzhou City boulder police auxiliary police easy prosperity, yesterday morning to intercept seriously injured when a car was pushed into a hit and run vehicle. Easy prosperity had promised his son,giuseppe zanotti, to accompany him to the park to play, but lying on the bed, he could not even tell the child saying “I’m sorry.””Do not worry about me, quick catch!”Around 2:00 yesterday.

pays medical expenses quietly leave. Zhoukou Luyi 90 Bae Young guy heroic deeds, praised many people,christian louboutin outlet, friends. Yesterday,barbour femme, Pei Yang told Oriental Daily News reporter, said: “Even if I do not save, there will be someone to save, I just step ahead than others.”October 17, Baidu Post Bar Luyi bar, a small group of about 90 after the flames to save the post by the users attention. Netizen “We need positive energy” describes the post, 17 am,veste barbour, the accident occurred near the middle of the street Fugou garden, a car caught fire,pjs doudoune, the driver was trapped, there is a desperate young man flung open the door and rescued the driver. Boy was later admitted to the hospital smoke smoked down, after waking pays fees ultrasonography leave. Users have thread, praised rescue the young man was “a good guy positive energy”, “Zhoukou pride.”Fugou fire squadron instructor Zhang Guan loose confirmed the news. He said that around 3:00 the same day.

they received a report, rushed to the scene. “When we rescue, no one in the car, listening to people say that the driver was a young man rescued from the vehicle in a timely manner.” Zhang Guan song describes the scene a Mazda sedan and a crane was engulfed flames,tiffany milano, about five minutes later,parajumpers homme, they The fire was completely extinguished.One eyewitness recalled the incident occurred,air max homme, too late to save the guy to get the tool to pry the door, flung open the door directly, rescued the driver,doudoune moncler homme, “when the fire has burned up, no one would dare nearby came to rescue.” After the rescue, the young man was smoke smoked down to the People’s Hospital Fugou ultrasonography. He ignored the recommendation of a doctor in hospital under observation, quietly paid the medical expenses after leaving.According to information provided by friends and witnesses.

a Dongfeng commercial vehicle line to the East Boulder Street Gang when suddenly out of control, such as mad cow general strike after another stopped at the roadside after two cars to escape.After the accident, Panyu police immediately notified in the region, when the car accident fled Kawamura Panyu Road intersection, police patrol was discovered boulder and motioned to stop. Unexpectedly, the driver not only ignored,moncler doudoune, but to accelerate forward. Along with the “bang” of a sound,barbour france, easy prosperity patrol squad was heavily hit.After the impact, easy to prosperity,christian louboutin for cheap, other patrol immediately surrounded, easy prosperous struggled to escape, pointing in the direction the car accident. Its badly injured that he had no strength to speak, he gestures with his eyes and his teammates: “Do not worry about me, fast chase …”Yi looked prosperous refused to lay down hands, while they continue to catch patrol car to escape, police set up along the side of the notification card to intercept the final Baiyue Square, near the city of Bridge Street and arrested the driver.Easy prosperous Guangdong Province will soon be sent to the Second People’s Hospital. According to doctors, easy prosperity head was bruised chest, three broken ribs, left leg at serious fractures, were seriously injured and needed emergency surgery.Yesterday 9:00,air max bw pas cher, Panyu District Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary,tn123, deputy director of political commissar Fanchun Rong Yu Haishan and his party came to the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province to visit easy prosperity. Easy to see the prosperity of the mother due to heart hanging son, and in the operating room Zhuolei crossflow, Yu Haishan holding the old man’s hand to comfort, said: “What are the difficulties and demands at home, we will do our best to help and solve the hope that easy prosperity soon rehabilitation. “Had agreed to accompany his son over 61It is understood that this 36-year-old home in Hunan Xiangtan easy prosperity in Boulder police auxiliary police have been doing for over a decade. “His work has been very hard.