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washing clothes,christian louboutin outlet,” the warning signs and water diversion channel at the gate.The defendant maintained flawed and fault management,abercrombie pas cher, omission constitutes infringement. According to the principle of fault liability,barbour femme, battle managers should bear 40% of the liability; the discretion of the court sentenced the defendant to pay the two families lost their children each 12,000 yuan compensation for moral damage, totaling 172,barbour pas cher,000 yuan compensation for each two (including mental damages gold included).Sons shock disabilityPower Supply Bureau, was sentenced to bear responsibility for 50% pay more than 60 millionMaoming newspaper (Reporter correspondent Chen Yan Kwan Yu, Lu Fuxiang) under high-voltage lines building an electric shock, whether the electricity sector should bear responsibility? Yesterday, Xinyi Court two years ago in the city of Lai and his son were both high-voltage electric shock maimed first instance verdict, the verdict Xinyi Maoming, Guangdong Power Grid Power Supply Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the letter should supply bureau) bear responsibility in the event 50% of the total compensation for disability compensation and other costs more than 622,000 yuan.Lai, who lives near the Xinyi Takeyama Veterinary Station.

Among them, the former director of SASAC Jiang Jiemin, former Vice Minister Li Dongsheng and other key powers to master high-thousand have been voted out.Teenager drowned sand miningBattlefield manager sentenced to four to bear the responsibility for compensation 172,christian louboutin shoes,000 yuanMaoming newspaper (Reporter correspondent Chen Yan Kwan Yu, Lu Fuxiang) Two teenagers drowned in the battle to play,air max pas cher femme, unfortunately, yesterday, Maoming in the hospital right place in the letter should have been informed of the case,modelli hollister, decided to maintain the Xinyi final court decision, decree Four managers to assume responsibility for the battlefield.

a total of 172,mulberry sale,000 yuan compensation for the loss of the child’s parents, and the other Liucheng responsibility by the child’s guardian.Teenage parents drowned claims 250,escarpin louboutin,000 yuanOctober 12, 2013 in the afternoon, Kim Dong Xinyi Zhenmou middle schools students Limou woke Mou year with classmates,hollister, Li Mousong together into a river sand mining town of play. In the course of play,doudoune moncler pas cher, Mou wake boarded the battlefield in the water for pumping sand small raft. Mou year, Li Mousong together propped small raft down the water potential to drift downstream, Mou awake,moncler piumini, Li Mouhao lower river catch, when travel to the center of the river suddenly sink in water battle, Li Mou wake Li Mouhao rushed to rescue. Mou not wake up because of a swimmer in the distance Li Mouhao submerged at 5 meters, 6 meters away from the shore when the water will sink. They unfortunately drowned. Mou year, Li Mousong the escape ashore.Later, by the relevant departments to identify, in 2009, Kim Dong village Zhenmou will find things reach the field, contracted to sand mining boss Chen, Liu sand mining. Two of the deceased’s parents believe battlefield operators and managers warned that protective measures are not taken, with the mismanagement of a major fault,hogan scarpe, the two teenagers drowned shall be liable for damages. In November 2013, two parents paper petition court battle managers, asking them to compensation for funeral expenses, death compensation and mental solatium total of 250,000 yuan.Letter to the court during the trial,soldes louboutin, battlefield operators Chen, Liu has argued that two of the deceased are minors.

outings lead to drowning, their parents as legal guardians, failed to fulfill its obligations under guardianship, to deal the death of his son bear responsibility, requested the court to dismiss the plaintiff requests.Court: guardians should bear the main responsibilityLetter to the court after hearing that: Mou awake,doudoune parajumpers, Li Mouhao as restricted capacity for civil conduct, it should be aware of the risks can not swim out to deep water play area, and there is no fault of their behavior, should bear the responsibility. The plaintiff is a minor legal representative, to assume legal guardianship, subjectively should know their children go out alone dangerous sexual activity.

the results of the damage occurred guardian should bear the primary responsibility.The defendant does not exist as an infringementAccording to relevant regulations, the defendant Chen, Liu did not obtain in the case of mining licenses were sand pumping sand,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, in violation of relevant laws and regulations. The defendant’s conduct is objectively lead to the main riverbed deepening,scarpe hogan, with a certain degree of risk,barbour soldes, constitute a safety hazard to others, and the defendant did not set the “battle of river rapids, is prohibited at the venue for swimming.