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illiteracy, junior high school graduation seldom .2000 after the Spring Festival, the village wells teacher teaching point did not come to class, the village cadres to find me, let me fall down the top of this day.””My father was a young man, worked as a substitute teacher, he often brought home the students ‘work, marking the night under the lamp, I grew to admire teachers in the profession. I Gongdie illiterate, advised me to take over and say,’ do not take stare out of the mountains but also blind ‘was. My husband advised me that as long as I teach mountains wanderers, he went down the mine drudge breadwinners. mountains needs.

all first grade, that is, between the south end of the classroom.”Reporter walked into the classroom. Classroom is very simple: an area of � ver ten square meters, the wall hung a long mottled old wooden blackboard paint, a few chairs under the pulpit is.”Zhuodeng Temple Elementary School is a gift, Blackboard has spent more than 20 years, and this is all the belongings I school.” Chen said as he greeted wanderers into classes.”School friends -” no bells outside the classroom, so Chen shouted, and began writing on the blackboard on the blackboard. “Subtraction within 20” characters, is the morning of the second quarter lectures.While Chen class.

hidden in a “floating school”15 morning, the reporter went to Biyang, when Tongbai counties, at the depths of the mountain rangers visited the north side of the mountain sheep hoof floated sound of loud reading: “Jubilee speak to Willow, talking, small willow Yeah, wake up; willow spring to bathe, wash and wash, small willow yo, soft; spring to willow hair, and giving her a pony, a small willow ah, green … “Reading voice, the sound is innocent child, like the sounds of nature in the silence of the mountain pass between very far away. Let amazed reporter living in the city.”Yes wanderers on the hillside morning reading it.” Ranger Wang Yu told reporters with emotion: Here, there is a not known to the outside world “floating school”, the name (Biyang town) Temple Primary School Teaching points.”It is the ‘mobile schools’, because it has ‘learned’ not ‘school’.” Wang Yu said, the mountains villages scattered wanderers arrived at “school” school hours vary. After breakfast each day, the teacher arrived early Yotei hillside waiting; each to a baby, they obediently in there reading. Wanderers who come to school to be gathered, and read a book while on the hillside, the teacher led them down the mountain, into the classroom lessons.School is at the foot of the next rented housesWang Yu said the teacher, whose name was Chenai Xia home in Shandong sheep hoof oil mill ditch side.9:00 pm the same day, Chen took six mountains baby down, reporters ran greet the past.Chen love to laugh, talk fast fast language words. “The math of the second quarter.” Chen pointed to a nearby bungalow take the east, “This semester, six students.

the reporter walked into the landlord Yang Deling sister home.Young sister said that her family’s house, when classrooms for decades. “Do not rent money, the village cadres hard to plug in his pocket, the year 200; however, to mend wanderers, burning bottles of tea every day, they are a subsidy to wanderers who.”According to Yang sister introduced: children called their village wells village, is a small village in the village of Temple Street. Temple Street Primary School, from here more than a dozen years, but also had seven river, six-year-old baby to go to school to go so far, one day back and forth four times, impossible. Young sister said: Even worse, go down the mountains away from the village wells, as well as home Peng, oil mill ditch, tile and Yuan Zhuang depression four small village. “Here, if not in a classroom, not a teacher in the class, wanderers on this band did not learn, all will become a new generation of ‘stare blind’ (ie illiterate).”CSchool teacher,christian louboutin paris, in fact, is a sister village”Men in this area, and everyone admired Chenai Xia teacher; if she does not teach, school enrollment is no baby, she is the mountain Wazi ‘Kai beacon’.” Well reporter walked into the village a small village, mountain people who told reporters “Through secret”: Chen, in fact, used to be weigh Ke La hoe the ground and hit the (farming), not a formal teacher. Teachers do not want to come officially to stay up too soon.Local mountain that before Chen, a total of 15 teachers to teach here. “Are a year or so left, not the teacher is not good, because here the conditions are too difficult, no place to live teacher to teach, on the hillside, where the flow of school houses, most people eat this bitter.”Section II class break, Chen recalling the scene when the original teaching. “I was junior high school, in this area we have.


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