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the 12-year-old boy was painRecently,christian louboutin pas cher, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the Gini coefficient 2003-2012 national incomes. Data show that 10-year period the Gini coefficient has been maintained at 0.4 or more. Gini coefficient first published 10 years,nike air max 1,, people see the statistics department determined to face the topic of public concern,abercrombie,, but also sparked heated debate. Since long ago, China and Research Center survey of household financial Southwestern University of Finance announced the estimates of the 2010 Chinese household income Gini coefficient of 0.61.Why are there different versions of the Gini coefficient? How should the current Gini coefficient? Gini coefficient of official and unofficial publication who is more reliable? The reporter interviewed a number of experts.Who is more credible civil official data?Official institutions sampling survey sample size is large, the basic guarantee of continuity in time, relatively more referentialReporters search found except the National Bureau of Statistics, the World Bank announced the Gini coefficient than many academic institutions and experts has released various versions of the Gini coefficient, Xinancaida version is one. So, what is the basis of non-governmental organizations is based on data estimates it?Associate Professor, School of Economics,bracciali tiffany, Fudan University, Yin Chen introduction,hogan, there are two main methods to estimate the various national Gini coefficient: First,abercrombie france, in accordance with the relevant data were fitted to estimate the National Bureau of Statistics. The second is based on survey data to estimate the urban and rural integration. Income Distribution Project Economic Research Institute had organized in 1988, 1995 Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the 2002 survey, when the Gini coefficient is calculated 0.38,hogan,0.45 and 0.46,christian louboutin femme, respectively; Xinancaida also organized a nationwide sample survey.Yin Chen believes that due to the high cost of a national survey,tn nike pas cher, the survey sample size is small, and can not be sustained, there is some form of annual data only. For example Xinancaida selected 25 provinces.

East Asia (including China),chaussures louboutin pas cher, recently published by the World Bank Gini coefficient is consumption.”Bank Gini coefficient with the National Bureau of Gini coefficient has two things in common, one large sample size, the second is the basic guarantee continuity in time, and therefore relatively more scientific,, more referential.” Said Liu Yuanchun .Non-governmental organizations also have their own views. “Norms of civil government investigations survey is a useful complement.” Professor Yin Zhichao Xinancaida deputy director of Family Financial Investigation and Research Center,abercrombie milano, China believes that Xinancaida supplement income distribution, wealth distribution, the survey household liabilities assets for the country Bureau of Statistics data provide new support.Can you briefly compare the Gini coefficient?Indicators differences affect comparability between countries, not simply for international comparison,,hogan outlet, the Gini coefficient is not only on the”Calculating the Gini coefficient for the currently used formula is the same,, but the difference affects the comparability of indicators across countries.” Yin Chen, in accordance with the definition of the World Bank,doudoune moncler pas cher, the Gini coefficient reflects income or consumption expenditure distribution of different individuals or families. Most of the world is a statistical distribution of income and after-tax income is defined as disposable income.

80 counties,, 320 communities altogether 8438 households,, compared with the National Bureau of 400,000 urban and rural households, there is a huge difference in the number of samples. Small number of samples are more prone to bias the data.”An institution in a given year released a single Gini coefficient,zanotti pas cher, which is the scientific reference to sex is not very strong.” Vice president of Renmin University of China,hogan uomo,, said Liu Yuanchun, Xinancaida Gini coefficient has been criticized mainly due to positive the number of academic institutions exist because too few, narrow range of issues, the sample distribution by accidental impact, make digital jumping changes may occur in the sample selection.World Bank’s Development Economics Research,moncler pas cher, Dr. Chen Shaohua Council introduced the Gini coefficient is based on the World Bank household survey data provided by Member States national income or consumption estimates,abercrombie soldes, including two coefficient Gini income and consumption. For South Asia, Africa, the Middle East and most of Eastern Europe.

but there are some national statistics are distributed consumer spending, such as India. Because the factor of diminishing marginal propensity to consume,woolrich uomo, the Gini coefficient is calculated using the consumer spending will be significantly lower than the income Gini coefficient calculated, for example.