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the host country and the sending State law, the situation is very complicated, Chinese embassies and consulates to provide consular protection to Chinese citizens,christian louboutin peeptoe, it can not exceed its authority to perform consular duties. Third, our embassies consular department fewer personnel,christian louboutin, and some museum consular officials several roles, often everywhere at once. When implementing consular assistance and protection, because the lack of special funds and consulates often want to local charities,red bottom platform pumps, foundations and overseas Chinese communities for help. Of course,outlet tiffany online, the Chinese embassies and consulates still possible protection for overseas Chinese citizens, such as attention sentencing is fair,christian louboutin cheap, whether subjected to discrimination and abuse.

Wang Chao royal infringement crimes and the crime of causing public unrest,christian louboutin pumps, were sentenced to one year’s imprisonment and a fine of $ 620. She also pay an additional $ 500,barbour, as to appease the cost of the factory workers. After that, she was expelled from Cambodia. [More]Also in 23, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei in response to a reporter’s question, said the king’s practice of “extreme wrong” and said Sihanouk was a great friend of the Chinese people, and by the love and respect for the Cambodian people. He stressed that the case “will be dealt with according to the law the Cambodian side.”If citizens are violated, to be coordinated by the Embassy or ConsulateRecently, the Ghanaian law enforcement agencies detained more than 100 suspected illegal gold mining Chinese citizens. Ghana after the new government came to power.

and increased illegal gold mining activities in the crackdown,nike tn, has taken to modify the mining law, to carry out special clean-up and arrested illegal workers,tn requin, tightened visa policies to enhance airport port control, etc. responses. At 10:30 on June 5, Sina microblogging users @ Lu abandoned release micro-Bo said: three days ago, Ghanaian troops deployed in the country mined for gold Chinese citizens “beating, smashing, looting,chaussure air jordan pas cher, burning,nike tn requins,” and burned , a large number of Chinese citizens looted gold mining equipment.After the incident, the Chinese Embassy charge d’affaires in Ghana Ghana traveled Bin emergency meeting with senior officials of the Presidential Office expressed serious concern on the Canadian side of the Chinese law enforcement agencies outside the mining point of Chinese personnel to implement raid settlements, requiring the Canadian side to immediately stop similar actions , giving the Chinese detainees humanely, to protect their safety and legitimate rights and interests. Chinese Embassy consular officials have visited many times to go to the immigration detention center detainee, sent food and drinking water, arrange medical staff escorted personnel for examination and treatment,tiffany, distribution of drugs. [More]But in fact, the Chinese embassies and consulates for the protection of citizens is limited. First, embassies in host countries no executive powers, but no jurisdiction and can not use coercion. Chinese embassies and consulates to protect its nationals, whether visiting or representations, in fact, is based on international standards,nike tn pas cher, international conventions and other host countries urged law enforcement agencies to exercise. Second,nike tn, the consular protection involving international law.

according to crime to deal with, and finally a way to imprisonment. In China is currently the most stringent deportation,nike tn 2014, when it occurs in the “three non-” among other malicious illegal, we follow the criminal proceedings to be held liable. This is likely to create the association, which you can enjoy “super-national treatment” of foreigners in China, so let some foreigners in making uncivilized behavior, can still have nothing to fear.[Chinese people in foreign crime: the need to comply with local laws]Chinese citizens in foreign countries,jordan retro 2, the need to comply with local lawsOctober 22,christian louboutin flats, 2012, the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, Cambodia, over a thousand people to protest against a Cambodian garment factory of a Chinese woman Wang Chao Ji tore the country before Sihanouk Cambodia portrait. The same day, the police forcibly brought before the royal super Sihanouk portrait apology. Eventually.