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in line with its support for the basic principles of housing consumption.In addition, three department requirements, individual housing provident fund loans Shequchengshi rate of less than 85%,christian louboutin sale, according to local housing prices and per capita housing area,nike tn, etc., an appropriate increase in the first set of owner-occupied housing loan amount.Housing and Urban-Rural Development Fund Regulatory Division, said Zhang Qiguang housing,christian louboutin for cheap, housing provident fund loans is an important factor affecting mutual aid system to play. An appropriate increase in the first set of owner-occupied housing loans reflects the amount of housing provident fund system supports basic housing consumption, make full use of the funds and other principles. According to Xinhua News Agency4 fund loan guarantee fee assessment CancelFrom the existing provisions, the personal fund loans in most cities,abercrombie & fitch, mainly related to two fee.

are assessing fees and guarantee fees.The borrower at the time of purchase to live need to evaluate other commercial houses,doudoune moncler homme, second homes and loans institutions identified accepting, you must provide the management center accredited agency issued housing assessment report, which are required to assess the mechanism by assessing the collateral value of 3% of pay assessment fee,hollister pas cher, a minimum charge of $ 300 maximum fee 1500 yuan.When the loan applicant to apply for housing provident fund loans,nike air max, the need for management center recognized by way of security. Provide security guarantees from the center, the center shall guarantee payment of 3% of the loan guarantee service charges, minimum charge of 300 yuan.The “notice”, the abolition of individual housing provident fund loan insurance, notary, new home assessments and mandatory institutional guarantee fees.Keung believes that the proportion of these costs,doudoune moncler, though not particularly large,hollister france, but the buyers, or will reduce a lot of burden. He said the abolition of these charges, not just to reduce the purchase cost, but also can simplify many of the procedures and steps for residents to save a lot of time. � Beijing case Beijing fund center: as soon as possible landing policyBeijing News News Beijing Housing Fund Management Center official said yesterday.

when applying for loans and deposit in the state.The remote mutual fund loans, the current Beijing and other cities did not carry out mutual fund loans. Earlier in April 2009, Beijing has signed a loan agreement with the Qinhuangdao fund places, the people of Beijing to Qinhuangdao buy a house, you can apply for the loan fund at a local; and Qinhuangdao fund deposit to buy a house in Beijing, you can also apply for the loan fund in Beijing. But by the end of the year,tn, Qinhuangdao suspended for Beijingers to buy a house in the local lending.Edition have written (except for signature outside) / Beijing News reporter trainee reporter Lee Sang Li Dandan horsepower Rong(Original title: provident fund loans will be remote appWen: our generation have sense of shameHe believes that the sense of shame can be brave, so we must first recognize the destruction of the environment, resources � Global People magazine reporter XueBiographyWen,air max pas cher femme, born in 1951 in Beijing,moncler pas cher, a famous expert on rural issues. 1968 jump the queue, in 1979 admitted to the Renmin University of China, after graduation in policy research in several central and state agencies, began in 2004 as president and director of Agriculture and Rural Development Rural Construction Center of Renmin University of China, resigned as president in 2013 a post.Each of these areas, there are so few people who is always worth the interview, whether he is at this moment the wave or trough.

3 two suites enjoy provident fund loansUnder the new policy, housing provident fund loans for the purchase of the first set of object owner-occupied housing or the second set to improve the type of ordinary workers paid owner-occupied housing.And in 2010, authorities issued a document request, to support the implementation of the first set, two sets of restrictions, prohibited three of housing provident fund loans policy.Real Estate Institute of Tsinghua University, said Liu Hongyu, which reflects the housing fund to support the improvement of housing for workers paid.

or silent. In three rural areas, Wen was one. Shanxi Fenyang from 17 years old to jump the queue,moncler outlet online, to the ear of the year with a wave of people still engage in rural construction,boutique christian louboutin, he never left the farmers, rural,abercrombie france, agriculture. Others think not to, he also managed to do this.Wen said he used to be “outraged because people Grievance”, who will be able to pound the table to fight his eyes, “Now temper changed.” Throughout the interview and photograph the process, he has always been calm smile. Conversation, he was always smiling Jieduan: smiling speaking he founded the James Yen Institute of Rural Reconstruction was banned; smiling speaking “little donkey” group of young love arguing; smiling, talking theorists “endogenous anti- wisdom “- some say he never point names, but a pole down with a large … although temper calm.

but the kind of effort that did not change purists.Did not say how to do itSeptember 18 evening.

after receiving the notice issued under three departments,parajumpers homme, Beijing will study the policy as soon as possible landing.In accordance with the provisions of the current Beijing fund,zanotti homme, the loan applicant before applying for the loan in principle 12 consecutive months shall be paid into the housing fund in full,discount christian louboutin shoes, when applying for loans and deposit in the state.If it is the purchase of government departments for approval of housing policy, housing provident fund accounts should be established on the principle of 12 months (or more), six months before applying for the loan in full and continuous housing provident fund deposit shall.