christian louboutin sale one is Jinyuan residential building projects

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but has still not able to run down procedures,christian louboutin sale, leading to project stopped, several shareholder losses.Yesterday, the reporter was removed in touch with high . He admitted that he and I are good friends of cloud in Jinyuan residential building projects to help run a lot of road. Hard costs about 800,000 yuan issue, he believes, I had no money to start cloud Jinyuan residential building projects, he borrowed $ 800,000 to,barbour pas cher, but did not play IOU. For the “gift list” on him three times led away 28,000 yuan, “the relationship between fee” issue, height strongly denied, saying he did not receive the money.Yesterday afternoon,christian louboutin shoes, Yu Yi told reporters that he would submit Yunyang County Commission for Discipline “gifts alone.” In this regard, Yunyang County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the official said, once the real name of complaints received, case acceptance will initiate an investigation.Questioning”Little fish” Three guesses death”Little fish” in the end why a river stone tied? So far, he’s the real cause of death has become the focus of public attention. Yu Yi believes that his brother’s death, there are three possibilities.First,barbour france, the project debt. Yu Yi said,hogan, I have two sites Yun died, one is Jinyuan residential building projects, one is the South Stream project linking housing. Jinyuan residential building projects received a total of more than 10 families to purchase more than 60 million households paying back the principal.

One of the states: “January 9, 2008 in the evening, municipal eat, play,parajumpers pas cher, spend 885 yuan, and the other expenses 2000 yuan, about Jeeves fee issue.” In this regard,parajumpers paris, the reporter call yesterday Yunyang municipal supervision brigade, a Staff surname Shuai said he recruits soon, do not understand something in the past,air max one, as to who had received an invitation to dinner over the cloud, he do not know. According to the recommendations of the staff, the reporter interviewed the administrative approval Yunyang municipal hall window staff Sharon, she said that if the construction sites spoil Jeeves, Jeeves should charge fees, but the situation is written on her gift list is unclear .Gift list also shows: “January 18, 2008, to buy a 220 yuan Yuxi afternoon acceptance inspection station, red 1500 yuan, 420 yuan to spend the evening meal, a high collar 6000 yuan,barbour femme, on the red line issue please Zheng.” Matters concerning food and drink Yunyang inspection station owners will not respond to the bell. His argument is that the site had no procedures.

quality inspection station how it would go to the acceptance of illegal sites? As for the red line,cheap louboutins shoes, he considered approval authority for planning and land departments.Gift lists, please Urban Construction Supervision Brigade mentioned several times to eat and drink. Gift list states: “January 7,felpe hollister, 2008, construction brigade organized team sponsor 3000 yuan.” Is this true? Yunyang County Urban and Rural Construction monitoring battalion Mufang An said yesterday that he was in January 2008 in the Urban Construction Supervision Brigade office, then the unit does organize the team, when the sponsorship was a deputy commander in charge of the Yuan. But Yuan,moncler doudoune, deputy chief strongly denied this, saying that he did not ask more than cloud sponsorship.But soon enough, the captain took the initiative to respond to Mou said that after investigation.

then the internal organization of the team training units,barbour pas cher, please contractor “little fish” sponsor 3000 yuan issue is true,christian louboutin shoes, because it was a member of Urban Construction Supervision Brigade and I cloud students, after more than a cloud to say more than he was willing to team sponsor cloud 3,abercrombie italia,000.Gift list also mentions, January 12, 2008, to buy a 210 yuan Yuxi, construction supervision brigade fishing spend 830 yuan and other matters. In this regard, Mufang An said, “I do not know.”Yesterday, the reporter also some other units were involved in the confirmation to gift list,parajumpers homme, other than all of the matters cloud your invitation to dinner drink avoided.Send gift list display 28000 “relations fees”Reporters also saw the “gift list” on three records,nike air max femme, high X 3 times led away a total of 28,christian louboutin shoes,000 yuan in cash. According to an insider, which is more than 28,000 yuan cloud engineering procedures used to run “relationship fee.”H in the end Who? Shareholder Li Yugang said Jinyuan residential building starts at the beginning, I would entrust one surnamed Gao cloud middlemen RBI to help the relationship, from high responsible for a variety of procedures, formalities once run down, they promised to pay 800,000 yuan each other hard costs . says quite high contacts in the local officialdom, he led away three times the cost of 28,000 yuan is going activity relationships. However, since the procedures did not run down, 800,000 hard money promised and has not been paid.Zhu also said that the shareholders, this is a high middleman, had several shareholders deliberation, asked him to be responsible for running procedures. Although the high has taken away a few million “relations fees”.

plus engineering expenses, liabilities hundreds of million; South Stream linking almost all building projects underwritten construction loan shark, also owe a few one million yuan.Second, forced gambling. Yu Yi said his brother gambling before, once in 2008 had lost more than ten million, was somewhat restrained after he scolded. Since the end of last year, my brother has been called to gambling, lost an estimated two hundred million. H yesterday also confirmed I had witnessed a cloud in the casino.