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and although choked a few saliva, fairly clear mind. Police seize arms old girl, struggling to drag her to shore.Sitting on the shore,christian louboutin sale, frightened girl besides some fameng, everything else is normal. Worried girl do “stupid,” the girl back to the police station the police will.Yesterday, reporters from the Haidian Police confirmed that May 23 evening 8:40, Garden Road police station received a report, said in a subway station across from the Garden C McDonald Xiaoyue River river mouth with a young woman to be jumping into a river. 55 years patrolling police , who immediately rushed to the scene.It is understood that this 19-year-old girl, had wanted to have suicidal thoughts. When he learned that the police rescued her already 55 years old this year.

she should have arrived in Hankou 8:47 in the evening,christian louboutin for cheap, but in the day around 19:00 suddenly lost contact with the. Last call records in the afternoon, “4:00, with her boyfriend ties.” Take a large living suddenly lost contact,parajumpers paris, a person extremely anxious, but do not know where to look for since. The next day,abercrombie soldes, the bad news came. Hefei grinding shop police notify the family,doudoune moncler homme, said receiving the report, where salsa clothing found in a vegetable mill shop and let them come to claim.Sad: ditch the bodies surfaced sister23 in the morning,barbour soldes, where the material and sister’s boyfriend were from Hubei,chaussure jordan, Jiangsu rushed to Hefei. Live in (the incident) told us that people in the vicinity, “is still found in vegetable ditch near her sister’s baggage.” Where the material that the two of them will be in the pond with bamboo sticks poke a few In this case,parajumpers homme, as much as a woman’s body from the water float up. “I can recognize is my sister.” Where the material sobbed. “My sister’s face was dark, and did not find tapped, beating the mark, we also measured the depth of the ditch, only about 1.

has been silent girl was touched,red bottom shoes, after you talk to the police depressed hearts, to give up the idea of � uicide, has been in the family home.”My sister died too strange, and take a train from Suzhou to Hankou, how would die halfway in Hefei?” Xin’an Evening accepted until yesterday, when reporters interviewed Anhui network, Xiaogan people who still feel weird material. His sister Sarah who take the train back Hankou last Thursday afternoon, but was found dead on Saturday in Hefei a small water mill shop ditch. Yesterday, police confirmed to be true. Why girls will die in Hefei,christian louboutin shoes, the reason is still a mystery. Currently, the girl has come to Hefei family funeral.Anxiously: Girls train suddenly lost contactWhere the material told reporters that her sister 23-year-old, before the incident, along with her boyfriend working in Suzhou. August 21 at 3 pm, where salsa D3010 train ride from Suzhou return Hankou. However.

the crowd, a woman sat facing the river,barbour paris, the legs have been submerged in water. An old police side quickly came to the girl, chanting: “girl,basket louboutin femme, I am the police, what need help, we take that.” Can not wait for the old saying that the police will be finished,hogan scarpe, the girl jumped into the water. Satsuki river more than two meters deep, plus air and water temperatures are relatively low, the girl just jumped into the river, they choked the water, she continued to struggle, face very painful.At the same time the girl fell into the water, followed by the old police also jumped into the river. Happened suddenly,piumino moncler, he was not even him back radio,woolrich milano, law enforcement recorder, flashlight and other patrol of police equipment weighing up to 10 pounds are too late to take off,nike france, wearing police uniforms,parajumpers homme, they plunged into the river. The friends said, due to the timely rescue,spaccio woolrich, the girl has not been too far away from the river bank.