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Cao Xiang who are sick, test results can be imagined. At this point of his high school classmates have begun to get married and have children, but this is not Cao Xiang who want to live.A year later,christian louboutin sale, “keep on fighting” Cao Xiang who appeared in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, he became an “entrance immigrants.” That year he was admitted,nike tn 2014, but “because it is the entrance immigrants,abercrombie france, was not admitted.” He was not willing, he still wants to change the destiny through the entrance to prove his worth. Before the 1991 college entrance examination, Cao Xiang who took his family to let him to buy fertilizer to the county 16 dollars to enroll in college entrance examination.That year, Cao Xiang who scores by the college, he chose Hunan Tax College. “But the school did not admit me because I had a history of mental illness.” Cao Xiang who frankly.Sometimes he would think that if the tax was successfully admitted to the school.

their own path in life just like a big difference now.Guangzhou to workSite work was in CITICTo work in Guangzhou,doudoune parajumpers, Cao Xiang who lives in the episode. At that time, there is an age limit to take the exam,woolrich outlet, older youth,tiffany italia, Cao Xiang who lose eligibility exam, joined the ranks of migrant workers. “From 1992 to 1996,woolrich parka, I was working on a construction site in Guangzhou,abercrombie & fitch, and what types of jobs are done when the tallest building in Guangzhou to start building the army, I had mixed concrete on that site. Guangzhou Book Center and interior decoration, and I do it too. “Cao Xiang who said.However,soldes louboutin, as long as the time, he would go to Sun Yat-around,moncler pas cher, dragging one pair of slippers rotten,christian louboutin shoes, who was also stained grout. He still remembers the Sun Yat-sen’s motto:. “Erudite, interrogated, deliberation, discernment,christian louboutin sale, resourceful” in the large Department of Philosophy,peuterey prezzi, Peking University international politics, labor and personnel specializing in Renmin University of China.

Southwest University of Political Science of the legal profession … These are Cao Xiang Where once the most desirable university and professional.With the help of good people down, Cao Xiang who finally attended the 1997 college entrance examination. “After a specialist line, was admitted to the Hunan TV, also sent a letter, but 7,magasin hollister,000 yuan a year tuition.” Family distress Cao Xiang who did not tempted, at that time, Cao Xiang who has been married for a year. Despite the invitation,chaussure zanotti, but only a high school attended his wedding.Emotional crisisMarried and then divorced entranceCao Xiang who are not afraid of being seen as the students ‘alternative’,abercrombie pas cher, he decided to continue to charge entrance. In 1998, he participated in the national adult college entrance examination, but also admitted to Peking University international politics. “Due to family reasons,” Cao Xiang who apply to the school year to postpone enrollment, and approved. But by the second year, Cao Xiang who still do not attend school. “At that time, in addition to the reasons for tuition, also appeared emotional crisis between the couple.” Cao Xiang who told reporters that time especially tough.2001,air max femme, the age limit to take the exam requirement is canceled,barbour femme, Cao Xiang who returned immediately Hanson enrollment. “I think the opportunity to come.” But at the Cao Xiang who emotional crisis and under pressure to survive, and did not grasp this opportunity.After tiring of tug of war.