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has a profound impact throughout the Chinese world. If you can hand-written Chinese four famous, but also be able to browse intelligent Chinese classical literature of the sea,christian louboutin shoes, but also the experience of traditional Chinese culture, society, ethics, history, geography, folklore, psychology, diligence and knowledge of library policies. So he began to admit defeat in his spare time transcribe four famous long road.His first “Three Kingdoms” by four years, to be completed in December 1998; the second part,air max, “Outlaws of the Marsh”, since that time more busy,tn pas chere, less time to write, with a half-time for six years.

veterinary saw the deer’s amputated just been amputated stag antlers head still wrapped in gauze.It is understood that each year in May, Changzhou Yancheng Wildlife World will be fighting for the love of deer horn to horn once saw action. When sawing angle, first with a tranquilizer gun deer anesthesia,tn pas cher, and then fixed by two staff antlers,louboutin prix, another staff member saw the corner with a hacksaw, each saw a corner to be 3-5 minutes, saw after their injection solution drugs. After about 30 minutes,air max 1 pas cher, before being awake saw deer horn. Zoo veterinarian, said last year saw these red deer horn once, and now has grown very long velvet, very hard very sharp after aging, not sawed off easily harm other deer, deer horn and saw no side effects .Xu providential animal management department, said the flooded city of Changzhou grazing area inhabited by wild animals in the world about 50 red deer, of which nearly 30 bucks,christian louboutin paris, 10 only female deer. In the case of too few deer numbers,chaussure tn pas cher, in order to fight for mating with the doe,hollister, the Bucks were attacking each other with the angle, the winner will get the right to mate. So every year in May, the Bucks began to frequent fighting between the horns. Bucks in order to force the doe mate,tn pas chere, will attack the female deer.”Time to attack the male red deer, although very short, but very brutal.” Beast Hospital that sometimes the Bucks will graze gap “rival”, sudden attack,hollister pas cher, often with their sharp corners the other person Top wear belly, ribs broken roof or on the top of a hole in the body. If you do not want to mate the female deer, stag horn will attack female deer. Because hornless female deer,tn air max 2014 pas cher, can not afford to fight back, after the attack,christian louboutin paris, ranging from injuries, while deaths. “In order to prevent damage to the Bucks bucket angle to each other, the most effective way is to have their corners amputated. Amputated corner of Red Deer will be in heat, but when they did after the attack angle will not hurt each other.”Express reporter correspondent Xu Chao Ji Responsible for the security of the United States Secret Service White House on the 27th that may be mixed with the White House dinner uninvited Salahi couple launched a criminal investigation.The White House declined to commentSource: Shenzhen Satellite TV “30 noon”US Secret Service spokesman said Mai Jinning 27.

in 2005 completed in March; third “Dream of Red Mansions” with four years, to be completed in early 2011; early 2011 began to continue copying, “Journey to the West”, has written more than 20 times. During the 2008 and 2011 took part in the tax system twice Dazhou calligraphy competition, were also obtained the first prize and third prize pen calligraphy.In order to write this 3.58 million four famous words, Gan Yansong paid too much energy and effort, often late at night, so he copied by hand sore arms, but with that kind of fight he strength,nike tn officiel, tenacity, strength drills every day insist on copying,louboutin soldes, I do not know how many pens worn. Opened his manuscripts, right put pen to paper, bristling copying, running script font, density has degrees. Written on each page are very clean, catalogs, etc. chapter subheadings back clear and natural, between the lines clean and tidy,air max pas cher, almost no trace of a word has been altered. It is smooth and elegant strokes, artistically double penetration,christian louboutin paris, it is”Why did the zoo deer head angle? Also wrapped gauze?” Yesterday morning, Ms. Zhang and family visitors in Changzhou Yancheng wild animal world to play, suddenly saw this “incredible” scene. Subsequently, the reporter learned that after an investigation,hollister soldes, the Bucks this season is the rut season, the zoo in order to prevent them from causing bodily harm to each other arena, collective decision to amputate their horns.Yesterday morning, the reporter saw at the zoo grazing area, being the keeper of a stag to the ground.

and Michael Tariq Salahi couple may be subject to criminal investigation.Salahi uninvited couple on the 24th multi-channel security by the White House.