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Alto car guilty of robbery suspects detainedThe day before yesterday, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Pengzhou and Shi Tian Peng Jiguang community saw Yu Xiansheng. 34-year-old seems to have gone out from the shadow of three and a half years in prison. Late last year, out from Chongzhou prison, with the help of friends and relatives, the investment of more than 30,000 in the community opened a restaurant,christian louboutin shoes, from home to restaurants,nike air max 1, Yuxian Sheng sometimes walking, sometimes borrowed the car open to the general feeling inconvenient He thought of the detained Alto car.Speaking of the car, you have to revisit. Yuxian Sheng said that in 2002 he spent 26,tn,000 yuan to buy a car blue Alto car. “In 2010,chaussure tn pas cher, the name of speed to repair Qiong, requires a lot of sand.” Yuxian Sheng said,nike air max, when a friend called 200 Articles to be transported to the site of gravel, sand earn 5 cents a square, so there is one million dollars in revenue. and friends found the double of what the boss,outlet peuterey, what the boss promised to organize 20 trucks transporting sand, but then only to the 10 car. In attempting to pull a trip to the post, where the boss they feel bad road conditions,perle pandora, to lose money,air jordan spizike pas cher, they are gone. “Excavators are all ready, let us lose this next big.” Yu Xiansheng a friend hair, and hit them what the boss meal and ask them for damages, losses eventually negotiated fee is 30,christian louboutin paris,000 yuan,air max pas cher femme, Yu Xiansheng they received 10,000 yuan in cash.It is this 10,000 yuan, let Yuxian Sheng sentenced for robbery,air max pas cher pour homme, jailed for three and a half years,air max femme, but also because of Alto car involved was detained.To pay more than 30,000 car parking fees in order to recoverPrison sentences commuted Yuxian Sheng months last November 14.

Yuxian Sheng released from prison. After his release,charms pandora, he had to find his own Alto car and toss. Verdict shows that his car Alto car was impounded and the public security organs with the case.Last December, Yu Xiansheng find Qionglai City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade ask Alto car place,hollister magasin, the relevant personnel told him the case has been transferred to the police station Tiantai Mountain. Repeated find, Yuxian Sheng find the parking of vehicles parked in the center of security services headquarters in Chengdu Qionglai branch (hereinafter referred to as the parking center). “The other told me the parking fee as high as more than 30,000 yuan, the other had agreed to discuss a long five or six thousand.” said he had just come out of prison,pandora bijoux, to get the vehicles on hand only 1,000 yuan. Too expensive,peuterey prezzi, intend to give up the car, and now occasionally think quite reconciled, although the car broke when a scooter or can.Recently.

learned from the parties concerned, the vehicle involved in the criminal not charge parking fees, he decided to take the car to go to the parking center. Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Qian Risui and Tong Ta unannounced visits to the investigation.From Pengzhou to Qionglai,hollister soldes, after nearly two hours, the day before yesterday at 11 am, Yu Xiansheng out parking permits, to the staff of the center’s parking Ms. Shen. Ms. Shen a look that says above approach time, very surprised, “This is the May 15, 2010 (into the parking lot) car,giubbotti peuterey,” Ms. Shen rough calculations, one day $ 30, three-year parking fees as high as 32.