christian louboutin shoes to reduce the burden on the wife

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Li novel, now the happiest thing is to see his wife and children, the whole family sit together to eat, chat, simple and very happy.I heard embroidery stitch can make money,christian louboutin shoes, Li began two years ago, a small embroidery stitch, from morning to night,air max pas cher pour femme, almost 15 hours a day embroidery, cross-stitch work now completed 10 pieces. “I want money to supplement the family income selling children, the wife of a man too hard,nike tn, if you are selling well around the waist to put iron shelf removed.” Li novel, when a car accident surgery, he made a stand waist fractures because the doctor said then take a year, but no money, for eight years has failed to remove it.Unable to take to the streets selling, no sales channels,modelli hollister, currently, Li small stitch yet how much of its revenue, but he still kept embroidery,barbour france, trying to change lives with their own hands, to reduce the burden on the wife, the children earn pocket money.City Evening News ex-husband died,christian louboutin pas cher, leaving her a 12-year-old disabled nobody to take care of, either as a sister wife, but there is no blood relationship with this girl, but she let the girl was admitted to pay nursing homes. This New Year,moncler pas cher, caring volunteers from Changchun City nursing homes came specially to visit the little girl, as she sent a new dress and delicious.Unfortunately & gt; & gt; 5 relatives have died12-year-old Liu dream will suffer from mental retardation at birth.

but her life is pathetic,hollister pas cher, 2012,basket louboutin, Zhang Ling mother died in an accident in 2013 also due to cerebral infarction father suddenly passed away, grandfather and grandmother in a car accident died, the aunt of that accident are gone forever, and since then, nobody Liu Jin Mengcheng a child. Because nobody to take care of, Liu dream had been sent to relatives living far away in Dehui grandparents home in rural areas, but also has more than 70 years old,zanotti femme, frail elderly care from Liu is not a dream come handy.Liu Meng addition to relying on her grandmother to take care of,nike air max femme, but also on the Dehui City Bureau of Civil Affairs for her handling of guaranteeing payment to survive. In addition to the mental defective outside, her heart is not very good, in order to take better care of Liu dream, his father’s ex-wife any money for her sister decided to live in nursing homes, though, and her ex-husband divorced 13 years.

life is not rich. “With the help of so many good people, really very grateful, also helped Liu dream temporarily over the hump.” Sister either said gratefully.Hope & gt; & gt; girl wants to Changchun treatmentLiu is currently a dream to live near Green Park Jin Road,christian louboutin outlet, a private nursing home, nursing homes look poor children a month for her some relief costs,nike tn officiel, and only pay 1000 dollars, the money may have been Sister and any volunteers shared responsibility. To help Liu dream of a better life, he served as a volunteer with a sister and a dream to find Liu Dehui Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, after consultations.

and any Sister Liu dream there is no blood relationship, but any sister think she is too poor, they tried their ability to help children.Happiness & gt; & gt; well-intentioned people have Helping HandThe Spring Festival, Liu dream had a great time, because not only have to take care of any of her sister, and the brightest are all well-intentioned people come to see her, not only brought her delicious snacks,woolrich, also bought a lot of new clothes. Volunteer representatives Xuhao Jun said,piumini moncler, when they know Liu dream story, particularly want to help this poor child. Volunteers also have to pay for their children to buy a variety of delicious, even the children living in the nursing home expenses, volunteers are also a part of the money.Sister said either, although there is a dream Liu half sister,cheap louboutin shoes, but she is also working outside, only 1,000 yuan a month’s wages,abercrombie france, and her husband who is working,cheap christian louboutin, can only earn 2,000 yuan of money each month, two people but also to feed a child.