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at six o’clock in the restoration of the normal supply.Pipes and tap water flow away in vain damaged in the accident, French water company site person in charge said that it will discuss the responsibility of the unit to the loss. City water-saving monitoring detachment political commissar in the investigation will be punished to the responsible units.Chongqing Evening News correspondent Tang Zhongming photo coverage(Original title: excavators pull burst water main pipes 80,000 people Aug. 7 pm Wucheng Ann Reservoir picked up one pair of mother and son drowned. Mother of 30-year-old son is only 7 years old.Mother and son’s family will soon be found. Mr. Tang is from Henan.

renovated house troubleShe has been unhappyHey,christian louboutin shoes, why mother and son drowned in the reservoir, and were all wearing clothes?Tang said that the early years he and his wife came from Henan Jinhua,louboutin homme, two in Wucheng a mold city opened a store. The couple usually somewhat minor arguments,hogan interactive donna, but soon reconciled. Since the mother died last month can, everything changed.Tang recalled mother died when he was busy with work and did not rush back to my hometown in Henan funeral, his wife, this has been very angry. And since the mother’s death, his wife’s mood has been very low.Recently, Jinhua new house is being renovated, trivia and renovated many different ideas, but also to couple the escalating conflict. The evening of 6 August, they invited friends over to dinner, two people quarrel because of trivia. Clamoring clamoring.

6:00 last night, the law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation to restore waterYesterday afternoon, a large area without water for the accident, the city has water-saving monitoring detachment rushed to the scene investigation and evidence collection.Excavator operator is not responsible for the survey said when accepting yourself, because no one told him where there are water pipes, also did not provide the drawings to him the job. This idea was French water company, the Ministry Liu rebuttal. Liu pointed to is life and life ripped off the 200 mm pipeline, said it would have been an exchange of pipeline, the main water valve is completely bare ground,hollister soldes france, fully able to see. Knowing that there is the main water pipe in the ground is also free to mining, which is certainly barbaric caused by construction.It is understood that the site has more than 30 people in the repair and continued until 5:00 pm when the repair is completed.

they pulled all sorts of conflicts past. Because in front of friends, both sides to save face, who would not let,chaussure tn pas cher, who also refused to take a step back, and even mentioned several times to get a divorce. Until 20:00 and more, Zhu did not eat a meal.Later, Zhu offered to take his son out to dinner,tn soldes, they take the money out the door.She had sent a text message for divorcePolice concluded that the mother was suicidalAt 21:00 on August 6, Zhu gave her husband sent a text message: “Can a divorce?”Mr. Tang is also a fit of anger,air max pas cher enfant, replies: “You can.”In this regard.

Mr. Tang is also very remorseful.”I thought, that he is wrong, mother passed away it affect her mood is relatively large,tn pas chere, I should sympathize with her.” Tang said that in recent years the couple expatriate lifestyle is not easy, life has just been improvement , referred to the point of divorce is not necessary for this small, “I’m going to wait for her home, told her to apologize.”Available to at 2:00 on August 7, in the store was busy working in the Tang came home, did not see his wife and children. His heart made a panic,chaussure louboutin pas cher, calling to his wife, but has been shut down.Although the morning,air max pas cher pour homme, but that his wife Tang no place to go, and drove home one by one in the vicinity of the place to find, looking down all night, did not find the two men figure. Until 14:00, he received a call from the police,hogan outlet, learned that his wife and children have drowned, his phrase “I’m sorry”, has not been able to say.Police concluded that Zhu is with her son to commit suicide. Currently, the relevant case is still under investigation.Full-Ying Chen .

the shore of the phone, is likely to leave the dead,nike tn 2014, he dialed the number on a regular phone contact.Number of owner surnamed Tang, after he received a phone call very nervous. After police asked that the reservoir shore of this phone, is the wife of Zhu Tang.Tang told police the evening of 6 August, his wife took his son away from home,abercrombie, and then it is no news.According to Tang’s statement, the police suspect that Zhu has also been drowned, they contacted the salvage team. Night around 8:00, salvage teams retrieved the body of a woman in a reservoir, looks about 30 years old.After Tang identified, found two bodies,piumini moncler donna, that is, his wife and son.His mother died.

he and his wife Zhu Jinhua these years of hard work, just bought a new house, is preparing the decoration. Tang said he and his wife because of an opinion on the house renovation is not uniform, quarrel took place.Evening of August 6, the two in front of a friend’s face and a big fight, his wife took his son away from home.”I’ve been looking for their mother, wanted to see the face, talking about I’m sorry.” Tang said, until 7 August afternoon, he was like a police phone. Police concluded that Mr. Tang’s wife with his son, committed suicide.Reservoir corpse floating in a boyA salvage, the mother has also been foundAt 14:00 on August 7, Cheng Wu town with her two daughters to safety Reservoir swim. Going into the water, just listen to the eldest daughter exclaimed: “!! Daddy, look to have a child drowned,magasin abercrombie france,” Mr. Zheng Wensheng look at the past,hollister france, we saw close to the edge of the reservoir,nike air max, was wearing a striped T-shirt and jeans Boy ” lying “on the water, spotted only seven years old, pale skin was already soaked. And in the nearby shore,chaussures louboutin, also stood with the key items such as a cell phone.Mr. Zheng hurried call 110.Wu Ya City Public Security Bureau police station rushed to Antigua farm reservoirs, cordoned off the area and contact the Criminal Investigation Brigade. Police analysis.