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Rail Division violations will be eligible to apply for the pre-application file for at least five working days from the time shortened to 13 hours from the time of acquisition to be submitted by the provisions of the general lot in seven days,christian louboutin soldes, shortened to less than 24 hours, there is bidding experienced people know that 13 hours in such a short period of time, companies want to obtain information and to obtain the tender documents how difficult, even after the acquisition,nike tn 2014, and how in less than 24 Tender documents will be ready within hours hundreds of pages? So I do not know how many potential bidders can only hope marked sigh. In addition, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway bidding there are other irregularities.Sun Zhiming:Mainly reflecting a dodge tender, often taking a piecemeal approach is a project exceed the standard,air max pas cher femme, then I split it into several,christian louboutin pas cher, thus avoiding bidding, then said construction units and service units is likely this the process of implementation of secret operations, leaving room.Commentary:In addition to the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway bidding construction projects, but also audit out what the problem?Fixed Assets Investment Audit Audit Division Yang Jin Shan:In the construction funds management, the main findings of individual units lax financial management, strict control of individual sub-project investments,piumino moncler, as well as individual units recorded in the case of false invoices, the individual establishments exist interception, taking misappropriated funds land acquisition issues .Commentary:Audit found that the problem in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail project audit, the Ministry of Railways.

super standard disbursed funds, allowances and other serious.Look at the 2009 annual audit report, the CAS there is nearly 20 million of investment income, long-term retention in the company of unrecovered, and seven subordinate units, expanding the range of over 60 million expenditure for wages, car problems.In addition to the CAS, to invest about 200 billion Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail,woolrich, but also for three consecutive years in the audit report.Audit Jingjinji Tepai Ban Sun Zhiming:Here is our Tepai Ban’s archives, from 2009 to 2011 we participated in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail when the audit file audit all here first.Commentary:2009 audit tracking, split up,parajumpers pas cher, to avoid bidding, in 2010 to track audit “did not tender 4.446 billion project has been started,orecchini tiffany,” the exclusion of potential voters. 2011 audit tracking, bidding irregularities shorten the time, the individual is not bidding on the procurement of materials.Oversight Audit three years have focused on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail on the bidding. This year the audit report revealed that Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line in the civil tender.

Beijing-Shanghai Company and rectification of the flats was basically in place, which has been transferred to suspected illegal discipline discipline inspection, supervision,chaussures louboutin, initiate a thorough investigation of the judiciary.One person:Like old faces,hollister soldes, old problems to what extent the old? Just a brief look at two or three audit reports can see many familiar faces,outlet peuterey, such as in 2010, 2011, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail has. 2008, 2010, 2011 of the Ministry of Finance has. 2008,hollister clearance, 2010, 2011 has the NDRC, which is old enough.This year has been named the department,woolrich, do not look 50 departments checked 49 problems, but not to say that the audit report will be named,jordan pas cher, but the Ministry of Finance has been named seven times, twice Commerce Department,hollister italia, Ministry of Land and 2 times, railroad 2nd Department of Agriculture 1. We go back on the screen is actually quite shocking allow auditing 50 departments,escarpins louboutin, 49 there is a problem, this time it is easy to conclude that,doudoune parajumpers, why we do not worry, every year, year after year made every year to check it is because everyone has a problem.

we mutually obvious strength, there will be a real shame, you first look him right, this is the first one, because all the units have problems.If auditing 50 departments only problem four units,nike air, then the pressure in this four units will be big enough, but now the problem is that all have problems.The second audit all ministries same level checked in with his department.