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and now we are talking about the criminal treatment of foreigners should be said that is not the same.One person:Since 2000, the number of foreigners in Chinese immigration, the annual growth rate of 10 percent, but now for ten years, with a total 60 million people have ran away,christian louboutin soldes, we can see to what extent the big woods. The door was open, the window was open,bracciale tiffany, and there are birds, flies, mosquitoes,piumini peuterey, in fact, normal, because of the friendly people come because of interest from someone, someone to look for opportunities to take the risk, or even to the Chinese bully day, the level of mixed quality missing, this time only hospitable to simple correspondence is not right, this time you must pull a fair scale, that is the law. But sometimes, because the other is a foreigner, a flagrant violation of the laws and regulations, we actually put up. Such as billiards player O’Sullivan openly smoking in the press conference scene,abercrombie paris, and even high-profile claims,hollister outlet uk, the United Kingdom can not smoke indoors, China should be able to, right? Unfortunately, the Chinese do not be, but how it is nobody who cares? Just because he is a foreigner?Three short films: Fair, starting from the heartCommentary:From May 15 in Japan Tuesday, the inventory of aliens illegal immigration, illegal residence and illegal work action was launched,hollister uk, the next 100 days, the police will conduct random road checks and routine home inspections. People found to have “three non-” expatriates also be reported to the local police station. Once verification is true, the relevant parties will face fines or detention punishment, and the deadline to leave or deported.Sanlitun manager of a real estate agent:Yesterday (Thursday) evening after work, but also specifically come say hello,abercrombie paris, said recently more stringent management of foreigners.

what timely communication.Commentary:This real estate agent covering more than a dozen community Beijing Sanlitun area, according to the manager, segment police came once every month, ask about the new occupancy expatriates.Field: expatriates rental contract managerSanlitun manager of a real estate agent:Go home inventory when we bring them all a go, is this one of Pianjing, because a lot of foreign friends,abercrombie france, we all kind of cooked,zanotti femme, what conditions are timely communication.Q: Are you familiar with the segment police, they communicate in the language, the ability to be able to doSanlitun manager of a real estate agent:Temporarily to or not.

but the public expression of condemnation Oleg I can not help but ask,chaussure tn pas cher, as an artists, he obviously should know the basic code of conduct, is what gave him rude courage? In the end is a personal character issues, or some previous experience made him feel privileged?Professor, Department of Chinese People’s Public Security Police foreign universities to the party: we did a while ago on the legal system,doudoune parajumpers, management tools for foreigners to some so-called super-national treatment,hogan, in some respects, especially in economic terms,abercrombie soldes, cf. Chinese citizens, to some of the more favorable conditions,hollister pas cher, such intangibles, the objective is also to foster a sense of superiority foreigners.Commentary: Back in time to 2008,chaussure jordan, Beijing has occurred to cause a greater impact of foreign criminal case: a professor from the University of Chinese nationality as an American teacher to stop littering, and was almost blind eye to fight each other,hollister soldes, with the professor When his wife came to discourage university teaching, but also by the other labeled cheekbone fracture. But the court’s final ruling that foreign teachers are not guilty, and even China’s money compensation to the professor,air max bw pas cher, also from the University where he took the payment.Professor, Department of Chinese People’s Public Security Police foreign university to party: practical in our country, the public prosecutor, the three links, there are cases of foreign affairs of the small ones out of the question, from the root of speaking, so there are three public security an ideology,moncler piumini, called foreign affairs is no small matter, naturally arise out of it, called the foreign-related cases no small case. I think it is wrong to say this, had in the 1950s, Premier Zhou Enlai and Foreign Minister, when really it clear that the “foreign affairs is no small matter,” called back saying “everything to consult.” Foreign Affairs that the country.