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Division gorgeous: the people’s court shall not accept, but should inform the people, you can review the proposed certificate issued by the notary public notary law in accordance with Article 39. After review, the contents of the public certificate with the facts or the law, the notary public shall revoke the certificate and make an announcement,christian louboutin soldes, the deed void ab initio; deed there are other errors,louboutins, notary public should be corrected.Author: Yu fang paradeWatch case:1. Zhang Jinghua home unexpectedly and found a 267 book, “spectacular.”2. Zhang Jinghua apply for three witnesses to appear in court in an attempt to prove his honest, I did not expect that three witnesses actually eleven confirmed his corruption,hollister milano, became his “enemies.”Airborne investigatorsInvestigators drove driving on a test of driving skills on the road, he exclaimed: “This is not a good way to go, um, five Town is an economically backward agricultural town,parajumpers femme, home remedies for people to enjoy more,hollister jackets, if it’s The Home of all issues that affect not small blanket! “Finally arrived, this is the gathering place for human habitation, a brake, the car stopped smoothly.State subsidies more and more people, the state aid is paid duties of the civil affairs department, whether the money allocated annually to the hands of the masses and the civil affairs department has a direct relationship. So the new County of Henan Province Procuratorate 2012 survey focused on crime prevention duties chose civil system.In April 2012, this time the weather is slightly warm up, sitting in the office of director Zhang Jinghua five Town District Prosecutor’s Office investigators did not expect to be parachuted into his civil affairs.

but he puts the money transferred to the Zhang Qian’s account, and then turn the money appropriated for the 168 people account. Finally, by comparison found that the funds actually paid and reported to the list is not a list of the same,hogan outlet, and in the actual payment of the list of 149 people had never received a penny, involving 337,barbour france,000 yuan. By handwriting identification, found 149 households reconstruction withdrawal vouchers signed neither their words nor Zhang Jinghua signed. “On these withdrawals voucher is not your handwriting, who shall take what is?” Face questioning by investigators, Zhang Jinghua turned a deaf ear.And Zhang will move there? Investigators rushed to find Zhang Qian, the answer did not bring a breakthrough to the case, is the only way to clear the money transfer by Zhang Jinghua hand control. Zhang Qian Zhang Jinghua just borrowed an identity with the masses and not dare to do it. This is who took the money in the end? After several days of brainstorming, to view all the information gathered,hollister france soldes, and they finally came up with a way to approach — not find these documents on withdrawals managers to see if they remember who withdrawals.At first, investigators in the bank account details which the transfer of 168 people, and in 2009 when the withdrawal period after withdrawal voucher, to coincide with summer,moncler doudoune, which lasted five days,doudoune moncler, everyone in that stuffy unventilated room, looked up intently with piles of receipt,Giuseppe Zanotti, from nine in the morning and five o’clock. Careful investigators think of those days 168 people checked this withdrawal slip when a discovery: These books have large quantities of concentrated withdrawal phenomenon.

but also for access to the accounts. Fortunately, they did not seem to read the accounts of the time to see what the problem is, because they did not say anything, and nothing to ask,barbour paris, then looked at the accounts on the left.However, he does not know is that they have read the accounts in the process had a tacit understanding on the TV, and that less than one second on the TV has to convey their thoughts — everything is gone again,giuseppe zanotti, not to arouse his suspicions.Just get on the train, on the understanding that they said:. “A problem””Closing entries December 2008 inexplicable disappearance.””The civil administration of the accounts of a bit chaotic.””Whenever we go back, and we discuss the way forward. We still have conclusive evidence,parajumpers pas cher, do not wronged the people.”Even aware there is a problem, but only the most convincing evidence,nike store, no one can use intuition to judge anything. After returning to the unit, and they will investigate the reported anti-ditch department decided to conduct a secret preliminary investigation.

gather evidence and then examine the feasibility of filing.A car, a house,chaussure louboutin, there are shops, Zhang Jinghua wife is a full-time wife and children are still in college, the property has been completely out of his wages. May 18, 2012 Zhang Jinghua is a criminal investigation. The same day, investigators have been waiting for him at 7 o’clock in the morning at his house downstairs, informing him that formalized. On the same day,woolrich outlet, Zhang Jinghua criminal detention.Where did the money goThe atmosphere in the office is very depressed,parajumpers femme, sad face and everyone was breathing a little heavy. Trail suddenly broke, do not want to interrupt the investigation? Hundreds of thousands who took away the money in the end?Town 168 2009 five people are eligible for reconstruction grants, a total of 471,700 yuan. Zhang Jinghua this money should be directly accounted for.