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the police came to her door.In March of this year, Chen Fan, Li Qing, who has been arrested.Chen Fan shop on the books, the police found, in addition to a small language, there are three women in the prostitution. Among them, the shop shelter “Jun-Jun” prostitution more than 400 times, collecting more than 12,000 yuan Piaozi; shelter “Fanfan” prostitution more than 280 times, more than 8800 yuan Piaozi charge; shelter “CNR” more than 600 times for prostitution, prostitution charges owned more than 19,000 yuan.Handling personnel, Qin Hui facts of the crime during the investigation.

Men came. This okay, eliminating Men can not afford to pay a deposit of heart ah. I’ve been in hospital days,christian louboutin soldes, and did not pay a penny now also sleep on the practical sense of. “”South County is a national poverty-stricken counties, most people can not pay to see a doctor. Therefore, in December last year for insured hospital and may be reimbursed for the implementation of the disease ‘fee after the first doctor’ clinic service model. Hospitalization can not be pay a deposit, the families of patients and hospital signed a “settlement agreement hospitalization costs” and provide medical or NCMS guarantee certificate and other related documents.

and a few days, I will be able to leave the hospital, you can work in the fields.” Among the words, Xu old man a slight hint of joy. an ordinary villager Wang Xing Sizhen dial nine South County village this year,air max bw pas cher, he increasingly serious heart condition. “Breathe, can not move,abercrombie london, lying high, but can not work.” “February, I went to a hospital in the county saw a sick, light must deposit more than 3000 yuan, also hurried Men always pay laboratory fees,spaccio woolrich, drugs . Men get bruised and battered, the money is with the relatives and neighbors who join, the condition improved slightly, Anjiu the hospital. “Xu Jichang said.”I heard that South County Hospital of Chinese Medicine can charge after the first doctor.

They began to fall in love, often in urban areas dating.By Yun boyfriend, she met Chen Fan in Xiangzhou District, a commercial gallery in the city to develop and Li Qing.Fan Chen and Li Qing is a couple. Salon real place for prostitution, the owner is Chen Fan, Li Qing is responsible for daily management. At that time, the store has three prostitutes.Several people often eat and drink together,air jordan 4, one to two to Qin Hui on Chen Fan, Li Qing two very familiar with the business processes. Li Qing Chang Qin Hui said this line to quick money, if she has the right “water” girl, can introduce over “work.”Qin Hui lips promised, this thing recorded in the heart.On the eve of college, she sent the girl to a home YinwoOne day in mid-July last year,christian louboutin pas cher, Qin Hui received a phone friends of little faith, little faith ask her to help people find work.Little faith that her friend a small language,hollister pas cher, is a middle school student Zaoyang, because the family quarrel, angrily away from home, looking for a job on the outside.Li Qing said she thought there needed “employee”, Qin Hui moving from a distorted mind, she readily agreed to the request of little faith.She gave Chen Fan called and told that he could introduce a girl to go to “work”, the income equally. They hit it off.Qin Hui added a small language QQ,zanotti femme, invited her to Xiangyang work. That night, the train came to a small language handy Xiangyang. Subsequently,barbour paris, Qin Hui came to pick her up at their rented.The next day, Qin Hui Chen Fan came with a small language store. The next day, a small language was forced to start pick up. At this time,barbour paris, only a few months short of her aged 14.A day later, a small language Fan Chen proposed to leave, do not want to do it again this line. Qin Hui learned to play a little speech to the store a few ears,nike air max, straining to pull her hair.Fan Chen also took out a 30 cm long knife,christian louboutin sale, mounted on the neck of a small language, threatening not allowed to go. Fear of small language had to leave.In order to escape the snare.

little words every time they meet their clients will tell each other that they are under 14 years of age, are forced into prostitution, want them to help the police.July 22 afternoon, Qin Hui heard in front of the store when a small language help to pick up clients. Chen Fan belt whip again to take back a small language,jordan pas cher, Qin Hui is a small language spikes knife legs.July 25 morning, a small language finally escaped, Car back Zaoyang. Two days later, accompanied by his family’s small language alarm.During this period,pjs doudoune, a small language forced prostitution in the store more than 40 times, Qin Hui share from 800 yuan.Doubts nothing, playful girl go astrayEarly September last year, Qin Hui took the admission notice to the university report. A few days later.

they found that Qin Hui is a very playful girl, often on KTV, drink, and even smoked drugs. But she is very smart, academic performance has been good, and every few days before the exam, she blitz period of study, exams always get high scores.Qin Hui after the arrest, his family and lawyers believe is Yurenbushu Qin Hui, the subject of stress in this case,giubbotti moncler, was lured by others astray. And during handling, Qin Hui’s family compensation for the victims of tens of thousands of dollars, hoping to obtain the understanding of each other, in order to mitigate the penalty.Xiangzhou District Court that know Chen Fan, Li Qing and others engaged in harboring prostitution and other criminal activities,parajumpers paris, the victim still introduce language into the two small shops open prostitution. When the victim of a small language unwilling to prostitution, Qin Hui also threaten to beat the victim, together with others, forcing them to continue prostitution, forced prostitution proactive behavior, are not the subject of stress. Qin Hui’s behavior constituted the crime of prostitution and forced prostitution presentation.Recently, Qin Hui was sentenced to five years and six months. Currently,moncler sito ufficiale, Fan Chen and Li Qing Court is hearing a case. (Text characters are not his reaReporters saw Chinese Medicine Hospital in South County, Hebei Province,abercrombie, scrawny 68-year-old man Xu Jichang, he has not gasp, but also the normal lay down. “Can you sleep at night now.