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eastern Guangdong Province in the northwest to adjust the economic structure to speed up development.Hu Chunhua said that Guangdong to achieve the “three positions, the first two”, the center of the Pearl River Delta in the regional economy must be consolidated. Pearl introduced in May, “nine big leap” in the work program, arranged for 64 major projects,ciondoli tiffany, accelerating platform Qianhai Shenzhen,chaussure tn pas cher, Zhuhai Hengqin one of them.How to speed up the development of eastern Guangdong Northwest,abercrombie paris, Hu Chunhua selected on the weak infrastructure development effort. Guangdong in April introduced the policy,giuseppe zanotti femme, in the “1025” period will arrange important infrastructure projects 607, with a total investment of about 3.51 trillion yuan,tiffany outlet italia, the brunt of Guangdong Yuedong Northwest infrastructure priorities.”Keep the province’s development policies and principles of continuity, not easily change the original plan, the new set out, this is a very pragmatic approach. And tightly pegged to the development of the core, not to stall in Guangdong’s economic restructuring, in line with the Guangdong actual needs. “A former deputy governor of the case evaluation unnamed said.”Hu Chunhua Guangdong rule can be summarized in two words: steady and quasi-Hu Shuji continue many policies on the development of Guangdong, Guangdong Provincial Party Committee on sessions presented after taking office,hollister abercrombie, do not burn their ‘three fire’,hollister, low-key and pragmatic, steady. progressive, and Cantonese which is very close to the universal character. “Southern folk think-tank, famous friends Xiamen waves,” said Hu Chunhua spotted the problem and strive to break through, such as the Pearl River Delta and eastern Guangdong Northwest have a focal point, and attention to social management innovation. “For this “epigenetic secretary”,felpe hollister, Guangzhou City, the old mayor,tn nike pas cher, Guangdong Cantonese people Abas Lane descendants Overseas Friendship Association president Li sub-stream has a more immediate impression. Previously.

that the old mayor was enthusiastic in organizing the “World Guangfu people Reunion Conference”,tiffany outlet italia, Hu Chunhua specially arranged a special meeting. “Can feel his approachable, for me, a retired years old also specialize in arranging the meeting time,air max bw pas cher, a detailed report on the preparations for the world to hear the people of Cantonese Family Reunion Conference,tiffany anelli, to my surprise, he also used the holiday as a private citizen arrived Nanxiong Abas Lane site visits. “Li told reporters that the sub flows, Hu Chunhua prime of life, solid conduct research to Guangdong after taking office,abercrombie france, in the economic, social and livelihood aspects of clear thinking, not soft on corruption, but also for overseas Chinese very seriously, I believe he led Guangdong Province, will be the nexus, open up a new development situation.Statistics department figures show that: in the first quarter, Guangdong’s GDP more than 12,612 yuan, an increase of 8.5%, higher than the national growth rate of 0.8 percentage points; five months ago.

Guangdong fixed asset investment 674.672 billion yuan, up an increase of 18.8%. The latest data show that in January 2013 to June, the Guangdong government at all levels of nearly 84 billion yuan of funds allocated for the improvement of people’s livelihood.No “rhetoric.” No “quips.” In April this year, just 50 years of age entered Hu Chunhua, is leading Toshiyuki Guangdong cautious, steady start.

and is also Hu Chunhua’s “Toshiyuki” move – he took office in January, the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee held a plenary session, Hu Chunhua usual work report to the General Assembly. Introduction to the midfield,magasin abercrombie france, he put down the document,hollister, warned here hundreds of cadres: “We quickly dry up, do not think there is a new secretary to the new ideas, established provincial deployment, ongoing work to continue to do, do not ‘turn biscuits’. “The words came out, so that participants impressed.The provincial plenary session,gioielli tiffany, Hu Chunhua directly opened the “first economic province,” the family property: Last year, Guangdong, Jiangsu province’s GDP is only higher than the 330 billion yuan, which account for nearly 70 percent of the province’s area of � astern Guangdong Northwest, the per capita GDP is less than the national average, sharply pointed at the “basic situation in the province”,ciondolo tiffany, “the first two” can be achieved? How to achieve?No proposition vigorous discussion. No overwhelming slogans. Guangdong people see is the new secretary of the research whereabouts ,,zanotti pas cher, compact and clearly stated that the development path: To accelerate the development of the Pearl River Delta region in the adjustment of economic structure.