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the supermarket clerk said, hoping that customers can Jieshenziai. Edit: Jianlong(Original title: Chocolate repeatedly stolen supermarket shelves did not dare to put the real thing instead of cardboard cYangcheng Evening News reporter Jianglin Li reports: Man and his wife divorced 18 days later, the ex-wife went to his ex-wife to go to work sites hacked street, the man attempted suicide by ingesting pesticide. September 1, Luo Mougui suspicion of murder in the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court for trial.Defendant Luo Mougui,abercrombie pas cher france, aged 51. Prosecutors indicted the accused and the victim Xiong Luo Mougui on May 24, 2012, registration of marriage,woolrich parka donna, on February 2, 2014 to sign the divorce agreement. Since then, Xiong Luo Mougui repeatedly entangled. Evening of 19 February 2014,pjs, Luo Mougui bought machetes and pesticides, ready to commit suicide after killing Xiong.After the early morning of February 20.

a customer when you go to the supermarket and found that “news” on the shelf: The above really afraid to put cargo, cargo contour change swing and really the same size paper template.Reporters on the scene saw yesterday, this phenomenon occurs is a place chocolate in the supermarket shelves, the shelves had to sell a certain Italian brand of chocolate. And on the other shelves are arrayed real goods, the customer took the goods directly to the counter to pay for different, without any kind of chocolate on the shelves, but filled with the same size and in-kind,hollister site officiel, made of paper template. According to the requirements of the supermarket, customers want to buy this brand of chocolate, need to hold the paper template after the cashier counter to pay the bill, and then hold the paper template to the desk to receive the real thing.Why is there such an arrangement? The supermarket explained that this was done to deter theft.”Chocolate on the shelves, the total was stolen people.” A clerk said, is not only the brand of chocolate, chocolate brands in the mall the other,abercrombie soldes, and often stolen. “Chocolate is small, it is easy to be his hip pocket, backpack or hide, with a shopping mall.” To reduce losses, the mall thought paper template on the shelf instead of the real thing.Reporters saw the cardboard and the real thing, like a bar code printed on the back, holding a cardboard to counter, customers can scan bill. After pay, the clerk will be posted in a cardboard cash register,hogan rebel, customer service desk to receive access to the real thing. Customers receive complete after the real thing, the clerk then swing back cardboard shelves.Reporters on the scene, there is such a curious customer shopping patterns, originally did not intend to buy the brand of chocolate, try to buy a box; there are customers worry, If there were thieves, supermarkets doing palliative, “If someone stole the refrigerator The meat should be put inside the refrigerator is not made of paper piece of meat? “In this regard.

“to see someone hurt, how can I do nothing about it?” Yesterday,outlet woolrich, drove more than 200 million worth of luxury cars will be a fall of 68-year-old to the hospital after the age of 73 Mr. Sung said Changchun citizens.Open luxury car to buy breakfast Lu Yu injuredYesterday 7:20 Xu, Changchun Road in the vicinity of the Mercedes-Benz with a red scarf at the residence of Mr. Song Road intersection,hogan 2014 donna, drove more than 200 million purchase of 570 Lexus SUV to buy milk fritters.

Luo Mougui drinking a bottle of pesticide,hogan rebel, carrying machetes find work being Xiong Bao village booth,hogan scarpe uomo, pull it out of the booth and cut knifed by Xiong head. After Xiong injured, Xiong Luo Mougui lying around, and told the crowd the police. 120 emergency personnel arrived at the scene, the spot that the victim died,abercrombie roma, 110 police accused Luo Mougui the police on the spot control.In court,tn soldes, Luo Mougui confessed to their crimes. The trial, Luo Mougui even questioned repeatedly answered with laughter, when the prosecutor questioned why Luo Mougui to kill his ex-wife, said: “nothing to say, I was drunk, just wanted to kill her . “(Original title: man hacked to death his ex-wife divorced after 18 days in the street attempted suicide by ingesting p73-year-old man driving a luxury car will be 68-year-old injured to hospital sources:(Reporter in succession).

a few sobs.”So far,abercrombie outlet, Bell Refractories Co., Ltd. and rescued the children’s parents and no one came to visit her, but no one gave her a little treatment costs.” Chen Mei Jie sad to say that those children’s parents say they are beginning to save a few children affected by injury, later changed, said he was hurt when the kids play with subject. Complex and grim reality,tiffany, let Chen Mei Jie unexpected, often referred to could not help crying. “Do I save them wrong? Who can give me a fair ah?””Parents want to feed a meal, parents should help stand up, it makes me very sad.” At home by their parents in the vegetable market selling sesame oil eke out a living, and now he is not only not help, life can not take care of themselves, and also requires high medical expenses,piumini moncler, watching their parents sorrow face, Chen Mei Jie had thought of suicide, I do not know how to carry over this catastrophe.Fortunately, October 11, at the school where reporters and Chen Mei Jie ties,hogan interactive, the school said it is coordinating with the Shanghai parties to resolve the matter,giuseppe zanotti basket, but the school has launched a fundraising campaign.Supermarket To prevent theft, the sale of chocolate instead of cardboard placed on the shelfText / Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liang Yi TaoSupermarket features, is the goods put on the shelf, and seeking access to the customer after payment counter. But there is a supermarket in Guangzhou, but not the real thing put on the shelf, but the real thing and put on a paper template exactly the same shelf, informing guests of the goods sold. It is reported that repeated theft and supermarkets.Yuexiu District, Harbour negative one home, “Aeon supermarket.” Recently.