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CaliforniaArea: 372 square metersVilla Structure: Total wrong completed three, four rooms,collane tiffany, a restaurant, a balcony, and kitchen systemsHomeowners: Frances Lech WaldDesigner: David HertzThe main building material: 747Cost: $ 35,000 purchase of aircraft,abercrombie roma, helicopters work costs $ 8,000 / hourCuttingPer 747 can keep the shuttle in 30 years of life at high altitude meters customization on each landing every 35 tons of maximum landing weight,moncler pas cher, its strong internal structure can be imagined. Even in the hands of a project team, the decomposition of a several stories high, large aluminum tens of meters long,parajumpers, is an ambitious project. For this reason, David dedicated to the transfer of large cutters and heavy lifting equipment,barbour femme, in addition, there are more helicopters to help out. But even so,piumini moncler, this large demolition guy spent a full two months time.TransportTransportation is also very cumbersome,soldes hollister pas cher, and the cost is really amazing.

but a product beyond imagination,hollister soldes, is a silver-white ultra-luxury residences.”Sometimes you will feel like you live in the villa is not modified, but a super monster, its interior everything, everything is in accordance with the humane approach to the design. The design is not really out of the designer, but the aircraft In the manufacture of unique manufacturing methods ergonomic,abercrombie and fitch paris, so that will be very comfortable. And, when you see something you think is a little bit manufactured, you will feel that the world is so amazing. “David When describing his masterpiece,hogan, undisguised excitement, pride.Exaggerated design from the aircraft itself unique appearance and creativity,louboutin soldes, such as the two joints of the wings and fuselage,hogan scarpe donna, on the house at the end, just to reflect the requirements of the owner of the flexible curve performance thoroughly; and those who support the level of scattered racks,tiffany gioielli, fences,tiffany outlet, and porthole arrangement, not only practical, give people a fresh feeling better.”In fact,hogan scarpe, this idea is not only to achieve the aircraft, a boat, a row of old train, a car, can be the fate of these things is not just recycling old metal so simple in design intervention,barbour soldes, they will in another a state re-emit light of life. “David explained his ideas.TIPSProject Name: House of WingsLocation: Malibu.

in order to prevent passers-by to be mistaken for the crashed plane and frequent alarms.From 2006 until the approval is completed, before and after the program has gone through 17, spent a full two years.”It’s more than going to the trouble to build houses, you know, waiting is a very consuming effort thing. But the ideal is a price, I think the value.”Turning to buy this aircraft, David satisfied: “The Boeing 747 is very consistent with my goals, it has wide body and wings, smooth lines is almost born for this idea the most important is the price considerably. low,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, tens of thousands of dollars is the price of the aircraft are all aluminum with. “While waiting for approval, David had to all parts of the body of the pre-designed their own purposes. For example, the nose of the small space, he was ready to be transformed into a meditation house; and the wings are used as a roof, covering an area of ��372 square meters hilltop mansion; the remaining body parts are constructed master bedroom, Kitchen and art studios; balconies are made a part of the tail.Once removed the scaffolding and protective nets, presented in front of a combination of materials is definitely not an old aircraft.

than slowly rusting.Lech Wald buy this aircraft recently retired big airliner spent only $ 35,000 (about 230,000 yuan People Za). With such a low price purchase a mansion full of raw materials, David Hertz undoubtedly earned.However, the cumbersome approval process is a common problem all over the world, the long wait and endless investigation, original and exciting enough to spend a dream they want to abandon abandoned hard tasteless. In addition to the shape and style,chaussures louboutin pas cher, a clear sign of the aircraft should be set up around the mansion on the application stated.