Common stone crusher equipment crushing method

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With the development of our country economy development, especially the construction industry to drive the sand aggregate production in China, speaking of sand aggregate production and processing, have to say for ore processing stone crushing equipment , sand and gravel crushing processing equipment in stone crushing machinery, such as jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, hammer crusher and cone crusher and other stone crushing equipment machinery equipment.

Different stone crushing equipment, with different methods of crushing, so what are the common methods of crushing the broken equipment? In the above article, the mining machinery is simple and people have said some common broken methods of stone crushing equipment, and I will continue to add to you here.

Cleft: ore and other materials in the two pointed edges of the working face, the sharp edge of the split surface is broken. This kind of crushing method is more suitable for brittle materials.

Crush: in two facets, the material between the plane of action was broken by the pressure of slow growth method called crushed, the boulders crushing method is suitable for crushing materials, commonly used in large ore crushing processing can use this method of broken.

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