Composition and working flow of ultrafine grinding production line

Ultrafine mill is based on years of accumulated mill production experience, absorb the advanced mechanical manufacturing technology, a new type of powder processing equipment and testing and improvement after years of development. The ultra fine mill is widely used in paints, paper making, pigments, rubber, plastics, fillers, cosmetics, chemicals and other industries.

Ultrafine milln line roughly composed of Hubei broken machine, bucket elevator, storage hopper, vibration feeder, ultrafine grinding, host frequency classifier, cyclone powder collector or pulse dust removal system, high pressure blower, air compressor, electric control system etc.. The material is broken into smaller pieces by cone breaking.

The material by breaking machine was first broken into smaller pieces of material, hoist material into the hopper, hopper after vibration feeder material quantitative, uniform into Ultrafine milla-fine grinding mill crushing cavity material is the fineness of grinding, after crushing the material with the fan airflow into in powder selecting machine classification.

The size of the particles and the rotation speed are different, so they can be separated. The material that meets the requirements of size is passed through the separator, and then separated and collected in the powder collector, which is finished by the lower part of the powder collector. The meeting which does not meet the requirements will be re – milled into the Ultrafine milll it can pass through the separator.

The whole production line of ultra fine grinding is carried out under the condition of closed, circulating and negative pressure.

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