Cone crusher with performance and high crushing capacity

As everyone knows, the HPC cone crusher  equipment is specialized ore crushing equipment, and in the production of iron ore crusher, HPC cone crusher can meet the production requirements, in general, jaw crusher and cone crusher can be used as the two crushing stage of its production, the jaw crusher is the primary crushing device, and cone crusher can be used as medium and fine crushing device. In addition, in order to better use of cone crusher equipment, we can also choose the auxiliary equipment, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, cone crusher, jaw crusher in iron ore crushing equipment performance in the process of operation, the cone crusher crushing capacity to customers by its excellent performance and high.

HPC cone crusher is crushing equipment in medium and fine crushing device, in general, after the installation of cone crusher jaw crusher, according to customer demand, we can install the impact crusher, gravel sand making machine equipment. According to the hardness of the rock, feed size, output size range and crushing capacity, select the appropriate cone crusher, then how do we start cone crusher in the preparation of the broken plant it?

First of all, before the start of cone crusher, we should check the machine parts such as cone crusher, cone crusher and concave bowl liner, cone crusher operators need to check whether the correct installation or release the vulnerability. It determines the service life of the cone crusher. Second, we must check the cone crusher’s lubrication system, fill with suitable grease, clean once every three months. Pay attention to the increase of oil temperature, control the range of 55 degrees C, ensure the cone crusher in crushing equipment, the smooth operation.

Again, the cone crusher operator must regularly check and ensure the cone crusher working conditions, the best is equipped with a magnetic separator, it can protect the cone crusher in crushing cavity in metal damage, and last but not least, we should use the ideal crushing cone crusher manufacturers, professional consultation, according to the actual customer requirements, selection of spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, cone crusher, machine etc.. If you have any questions about the operation and maintenance of the cone crusher, please contact us directly. We will recommend the solution to your satisfaction.

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