Construction Waste Crusher Working Process

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The splitting of large pieces into small pieces by means of external forces to overcome the internal forces of solid materials is called fragmentation. The construction waste crusher is one of the important auxiliary operations in the process of construction waste disposal. The main purpose of crushing operation is to reduce the particle size of building waste and increase the uniformity of its shape, so as to carry out the follow-up process.

For example, the size of the crushing operation can make the construction waste change filial piety uniform in the gap between the decrease of waste material increases the capacity of the construction waste can be in storage space saving, transportation can improve the transport capacity of the wind; filtration, magnetic separation and other construction waste separation treatment of tinea of crushed construction waste, due to the size construction waste evenly, increase liquidity, which can greatly improve the separation efficiency and quality; crushing after construction waste landfill disposal and for high density.

The basic form of construction waste crushing and the type of crusher, the construction waste crushing methods are two kinds of mechanical crushing and physical crushing. Mechanical crushing is the crushing of solid waste by means of various crushing machines. The main crushing machines for construction waste crusher are jaw crusher, roller crusher, impact crusher and shear crusher. The basic principle of fragmentation of construction waste is the use of a crusher to produce a strong external force acting on the block of construction waste, forcing the garbage block to break and break into smaller pieces. According to the characteristics of crushing materials, crushing can be divided into impact, shear, extrusion, milling, tearing and other categories.

Construction waste crusher:

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