Cowboys vs Giants Week 1 Game Day Open Thread III

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A halftime of missed opportunities for the Dallas Cowboys. They forced turnovers from the Giants on their first three drives, yet only converted that into three points. Then after playing very good defense for most of the half,LETTERS- Our readers share views on possible attack of Syria,, they had a blown coverage that allowed Victor Cruz to get a very easy six points. In what was a very sloppy first half,wholesale Chicago Bears jerseys, Dallas could have been up by a big number but they allowed the Giants to hang around and get back in the game.
Then possible disaster occurred. The Giants finally got to Tony Romo and crunched him between two pass rushers forcing Romo to the ground. Romo eventually got up but was walking off very gingerly and was grimacing on the sideline when trying to breathe. As of now,washington redskins jersey, we don’t know his condition, we’ll have to wait to see if Kyle Orton will be playing the rest of this game.
[UPDATE]: Romo is supposedly fine and will play in the second half, disaster averted.
This is an open thread for game chat.