Crushing Limestone Varies From Different Regions

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China cement production ranks in the first place in the world and it is actually power cement production country, which has the close relation with gold mining equipment manufacturers south africa China's abundant limestone resources. Besides Shanghai, hong kong, macau, limestone are also distributed in Shanxi, Anhui, Guangxi, Sichuan, Shandong and so on.
If the limestoneis not so hard and abrasive, the cost of crushing limestone is less, which greatly reduces the later maintenance cost for many limestone sand-making production line. However, if the limestone consists of large content, limestone will wear seriously, especially the hammer.
The cost of crushing limestone varies from different regions. Therefore, what crusher should be used to crush limestones? Accroding to the chairman's introduction in Zenith, people small scale iron ore processing equipment usually use jaw crusher and impact crusher which are used as the seconary crushing. Even in the foreign countries, people still use this kind of production process.
However. in china, the single-stage hammer crusher has been used in cement plant to crushing limestone for many years. only using single-stage hammer crusher can get the result of requiring granularity, which seriously reduces the process flow. In the case of Zenith DPC series single-stage hammer crusher, it has the ability to crush how much do conveyor belts cost the large ore into the requiring granularity sizes. What's more, this equipment can reach 50% power production. So large power production significantly reduces the energy consumption in grinding period.
The largest cement group also uses Zenith single-stage hammer crusher to crush limestone, such as Hailuo cement, Huaxin cement and so on. We nearly cannot count clearly the number of cement customers who have cooperated with Zenith. They are likely use to hammer crusher in production. We also produce various double rotor hammer crusher, such as 2DPC2325/DPC2025/2DPC2022/DPC2018 and so on.