How To Do Daily Maintenance For Js Double Shaft Concrete Mixer

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With the aggravation of competition in concrete machinery industry, how to improve their own mica grinding mill machines for sale competitiveness on the premise of quality assurance has become the first question for the concrete batching plant manufacturers. The concrete batching plant manufacturers should strengthen production management, improve the management pattern and improve the quality of concrete mixer accessories products and technical levels. Zenith will introduce the JS double shaft concrete mixer daily maintenance methods to users.
1. Preparation before installation. Actually, preparation before installation is to check whether the components of forced type concrete mixer equipment match or are in good condition. At first, check the sign of the machine, then check the value of insulation resistance,check whether the motor parts are in good condition, and damage and distortion are prohibited; the installation of motor is to ensure the installation surface smooth, connect power cable is fixed and reliable and the motor must have a ground wire.
2. Check the fastening condition of foundation bolts everyday in the early use of forced type concrete mixer; check whether the bearing and other vulnerable parts are damaged or not after using crusher machines for aluminium ore for a period of time, and if necessary, timely adjust it; if the concrete mixer is not used for a long time, check the adjustment again before starting it.
3. Examine whether every part is damaged, the bolt is fixed, there is strange noise sale of high quality crusher machines and working state is normal after using the concrete mixer. After using, the concrete mixer should be cleaned.