decided to engage in small Dandan point “little damage”

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Around at 10:00 on July 28,, a district of a large Yancun 12-9 unit residential fires, 8-year-olds can not escape Dandan trapped in the room. Subsequently,tiffany milano, Jiulongpo Yangjiaping Squadron fire brigade rushed to the scene, after being forced open the locked door,basket jordan pas cher, rescued the Dandan.

Mother Out


8 years old,, she was left at home alone

“I went out to buy food, you take home, obedient ah.” 9:00 yesterday, Ms. Jiang on the 12th floor of a residential neighborhood, who lives in a large Yancun errands, Pro out in front, for fear of their own 8-year-olds Dandan ran out to play, they locked the door.

“Take her home and locked her in danger just afraid of the outside.” Ms. Jiang said Yin Dandan relatively naughty, always put yourself in the outdoor play hurt, he is unable to bring themselves out of work, she had the door desperation locked.

“Who would have thought she would be more dangerous at home.” Yesterday, Ms. Jiang recalled because their ideas almost a catastrophe, and still fear.

Bored at home


She found stimulating play burnt curtains

After his mother out,piumini moncler outlet online, a person at home at home, decided to engage in small Dandan point “little damage.”

Uncle picked up on the home lighters, press the switch, take out the flame. “This fun!” Dandan small flame lighters produced very interested, they kept the place began to fire.

After playing for a while, Dandan feel tired, trying to find more “stimulus.” In the house tour in a circle, mischievous eyes locked Dandan on the curtains. “Usually you see an eyesore,, today, to destroy you.” Although the lips muttering, but Dandan just want to head curtain side of the burn, but when she lit a thread, shift the upper flame lit curtains.

“Oh,, how to do this, my mother came back to be spanked.” See yourself into trouble, small Dandan quite calm, she went to the bathroom, splashed water with both hands holding the curtains on fire, but this is clearly not play any role.

Soon,, the fire would spread to the home stereo. “Mom help ah!” It was kept under Dandan can, while crying, ran to the side of the balcony shouted for help.

The door was locked


She balcony SOS alarm neighbors

“I heard someone yelling for help,hogan 2014, most thought it was the sound of the TV ……” 10:20, Ms. Jiang’s neighbor Mr. Yan is at home living room watching TV and suddenly heard a cry for help to let him guard up.

“Is the next person in distress.” Mr. Yan said, when react next door neighbor for help after he went to the balcony and looked subconsciously, a surge of black smoke drifting across the sky,, followed by that of an charred thorn nose and taste.

Follow the direction of the smoke,abercrombie outlet italia, Yan 12-9 first found next to the balcony of wafting smoke a little girl curled up in a corner of the balcony was crying. No matter how Mr. Yim shout,air jordan pas cher, the little girl did not answer,spaccio hogan on line, but the air conditioning unit interval balcony, blocking his line of sight, see the situation room of the billowing smoke.

Subsequently,moncler uomo, Mr. Yim went next door,nike tn requin,, knock on the 9th mad door, but the house still no one answered. Through the door, Mr. Yan heard “creak” sound emitted by the burning fire. Because next door installed security doors, Mr. Yan had to help the fire brigade.

Rushed out of the police


Fire broke rescued bear children

5 minutes later, the fire brigade rushed to the scene yangjiaping squadron, after field surveys, the fire brigade decided to rescue after security doors, and then rescued Dandan.

“All my fault, ask you to save my child!” At this point,spaccio moncler, Daniel’s mother, Madame Chiang returned to the house, find out what happened after the home, Ms. Jiang suddenly sitting on the ground, very emotional . After the on-site commander stabilize mood,, Ms. Jiang asked in detail about the specific location of her house and the house of the specific circumstances of the child.

10:30, rescuers will open the door, 8-year-old Dandan cried in front of everybody. At this time,parajumpers salg, Daniel had white dress has been dyed gray smoke, full of tears a little face is black and one white.

Reporters learned from the fire, when the fire broke out, the little girl fled to the balcony,spaccio woolrich, but the fire did not spread to the home, just around the living room TV cabinet burning balcony also did was fire affected, Dandan this escape unharmed.

According to fire officers and soldiers involved in the rescue, said the rescue after the discovery of the security door, headed the security door locked, so the little girl was not able to open the door to escape. Fire officers reminded that during the summer, fire-prone, best to keep the air circulation in the room in order to be able to help themselves in an emergency.

The group except for signature outside the text written by the Chongqing Morning News reporters Jing Ran

(Original title: Mother locked out girls playing at home wanderers find things they ignite curtains)

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