Detroit Bad Boys Weighs in on the Newest Member of the Raptors, Austin Daye

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Everyone sick of mania yet?
Well a bit more for you then on this Friday as
Specifically, I had asked them what they thought of Daye’s remaining upside to which I received the following response:
I don’t think Austin Daye has fulfilled his potential yet, but I don’t think his ceiling is very high. He has a pretty shot and length to make any respected scout gush — he worked out with one summer! — but he seems too frail and timid to make it work like I had hoped when he was drafted. Oh yeah, he can’t dribble either.
He is arguably coming off his best season, though,Cheap NFL Jerseys, in which he shot 42-percent from beyond the arc, 55 TS%, and played some good defense at times. He just doesn’t see extended minutes a whole lot because of match-up concerns and wild inconsistency
The most likely outlook is that the are getting a net positive (has been his whole career save for the lockout-shortened season after who is going to be a long-ball threat off the bench. If he ever discovers some confidence with some consistency like he displayed in summer league games with the , he could be a steal for the Raptors.
I think that about sums it up.

Austin Daye could be a first round pick if he stays in the draft based on his current production and potential, but he stands to gain more than nearly any other player by improving his game and returning to school. Daye uses the third least possessions amongst college players on our list at 12.6 per game, but his 49% shooting percentage in logged games places him above average on our list. At 6’10,wholesale Chicago Bears jerseys, Daye’s 63% shooting as a finisher and 44% on both catch and shoot and pull up jumpers should give him excellent potential in the eyes of NBA decision-makers. However,nfl jerseys on sale, his body gives them reason for pause, and will make them wonder if he can translate his talents to the much more physically demanding style of the NBA.
(On a separate note, read the breakdown from this post too. Like Daye, many commonalities that still exist.)
When the Pistons drafted Daye,Letters to the Editor_1, I truly think they saw another Tayshaun Prince type of forward, able to use his length to be a major defensive presence at one end, while stretching the floor at the other end thanks to some terrific long-range shooting. Detroit though never did see that player blossom as they hoped, and it’s hard not to imagine that this year with the Raptors (considering the non-guaranteed status of next year) could be his last shot at a long-term NBA career.