Development Center of Machinery Sector Has Been Changed

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Cone crusher has characteristics of big broken force, low cost of action, easy to adjust, high efficiency, high capacity, using economic and so on , not only crushing efficiency is very high, the product particle size uniform, and low power consumption, also suitable for any kind of hard brittle materials. Cone crusher has been proofed have a good application prospect in the field of mineral processing in large engineering. Because in all kinds of large project construction, the demand of stone is bigger, so cone crusher became great construction equipment. The development of crusher industry has been centered on the jaw crusher and some traditional equipment as the mainly equipment for many years. But in recent years, with the development of technology and the needs of the production, the new cone crusher has become a more and more important equipment of sand making plant.

Cone crusher has novel principle of design, adopts new concept crushing technology, and suit for different materials, widely used in metallurgy industry, building materials industry, construction industry and chemical industry, and it is suitable for the broken of ores and rock of medium hardness and above average. Hydraulic cone crusher has the characteristics of high efficiency,which in the mining machine and buliding industry has been widely used.By the Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. developed ,the performance is better than his normal cone crusher, safe and reliable product quality.

The rural infrastructure construction, road construction, and the airport and other large infrastructure construction, and the post-disaster reconstruction work of earthquake disaster area is national key investment project, all of these basic engineering construction needs of the crushing equipment, it gives crusher industry a huge market development prospects. Because of its advanced technology and good application effect of cone crusher, it becomes popular in this industry, and because the national government support lots of money, many large-scale infrastructure constructions are in full swing, and contributed to the rapid development of all the industries at the same time, especially the cone crusher industry showed its powerful strength in this development climax period.