Development trend of ultrafine mill technology

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After decades of research and development, we have vigorously developed a series of grinding mill equipment, of which the medium speed micro powder mill is a professional ultrafine mill. The deep processing technology of the non metallic minerals, narrowing the gap with developed countries, basically can meet the requirements of the quality of their own industry and related fields of raw materials needed. Ultrafine grinding and classification technology has been able to process 10~1 m of non-metallic mineral powder materials as needed.

Non-metallic minerals, along with metal mines and fuel mines, are called the three pillars of the material industry. The development of non-metallic mineral industry is one of the important symbols to measure the progress of science and technology and the degree of industrial development in China, and the value of non-metallic minerals in many developed countries has exceeded that of metal mines. Because of the unique physical and chemical properties of non-metallic minerals, the application of non-metallic mineral products almost penetrated into all sectors of the industry, and played an increasingly important role in the national economy.

Use on non metallic minerals to the deep processing of it, including superfine grinding, fine grading, fine purification and surface modification, which effectively ultrafine grinding is the premise and guarantee to carry out the deep processing. Therefore, the development of superfine grinding technology determines the rational development and comprehensive utilization of non-metallic mineral products to a certain extent.

We not only create a three ultrafine mill , also for cement, electric power, metallurgy and other aspects to solve question of the low yield, build a vertical milling machine, developed a European version of ladder mill and a series of grinding equipment for limestone desulfurization, the various types of grinding and fine classification equipment can produce more, equipment performance and supporting technology gradually close to or reached the international advanced level, some of the equipment also has a new originality in the structure performance. The preparation of mineral raw materials has contributed to automotive, paper making, rubber, plastics, machinery, ceramics, microelectronics, and other aspects.

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