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Followed by a white silk dropping from the sky, as if the galaxy fall nine days! It was the top of the hill was a Tianchi, half a mountain was blown off, Tianchi in the water are also pouring down. Half a mountain while flying just fly to the side,discount oakley polarized outlet, put all to block on both sides of the valley. Flood rolling down but not out, getting higher and higher, has formed a nearly 100 meters deep lakes in the valley!Those who escaped being killed the game player not to understand is how one and the same,cheap oakleys, it was flooded by the flood. Some just hiding in the side to watch, do not enter the combat game player, hurriedly tore open the scroll of town portal to return to the city. But they are shockingly found himself being the one named “red” malicious PK game player, can not use the scroll of town portal……Red don’t know their PK at the same time, tens of thousands of the game player, only to hear the ear system sound into a piece, a ground level up his grades like crazy,oakleys discount, blink of an eye to the 99 grade% rise!My God! I’m not dreaming?” Red some be hardly worthy of belief, “this 99%? As long as we finish the task of upgrading, I can break through! Hey, little witch! This time you lose! Wait for me to call your ass now!” Think of every time to win a bet, “beat” Yun “cousin” small fart scene, red heart in is a word, cool!But he is not from the surprise return to God, the system announcement rang, “system announcement! System announcement! The game player “red” evil value has exceeded one hundred thousand, the whole system issued an arrest warrant for red. To kill the game player can obtain a random reward system, at the same time gain prestige, and get the system to ‘justice’ title, justice value increase.”Big red was born!Three, the growth of artifactRed is now no more tears to cry, his evil value has reached alarming three hundred and thirty-six thousand eight hundred and seventy! (evil value exceeded one hundred thousand, the system began to arrest)555555. , malicious PK kill a game player 10 evil value. The three hundred and thirty-six thousand eight hundred and seventy evil value that he killed the thirty-three thousand six hundred and eighty-seven game player just! According to his 0 level killed more than thirty thousand centuries of game player, and that died with the B and it’s younger brother, experience bonus incentive, red say will rise a few hundred level he!But, but,discount oakleys, every 100 mark the damn game must complete a task of upgrading, otherwise get more experience value cannot continue with the upgrade! So, the red is only ninety-nine! It can be a sudden rise two, level three hundred, so much evil value or values. But now, too much air!!!”Red” of the game player is not in town, and not to NPC communication, that is to say the red game player cannot get task, cannot change, not learning skills, unable to get the task of upgrading…… While in the “conquer” game, each kill ten than its high-level monsters will drop a little evil value, each online an hour just drop a little evil value

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