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I say, how can system allows so perverted to attack a village level Guild Headquarters, the original is BUG! Now, not only bright League reputation intact, but also get good out of misfortune, reputation more than ever!The very next day, red school, recess, almost all the students in the discussion yesterday red to bright Union. All beam with joy, spluttered,discount oakley polarized, seems to be that they kill the light League, in the game high out of the limelight.Only red the party some lonely lying in the last row of the classroom desks, some confused thinking. Now even the Huaguo Mountain can’t go, without the base, a super Reds game player how to survive in the game?”Hello, Xiao ming!” A crisp voice in the red ears rang, it sounds so familiar, don’t look back, red knew the voice of the master, is the little witch, that cheap cousin own, small art.Xiao Yun sat down on the red side, said eagerly: “Xiao Ming, you heard last night” conquer “the game that a super Reds game player red to bright union thing? You see, when red is the real man! I heard that red occupation is musician and you ah, you this musicians and people that musicians can’t ah! Yes, you now what level?”Red know that stuff Yun said are all under the guise, actually her purpose is the last word, want to set him now is how much.However, red heard, so “flatter” game in oneself, still were like sweet like honey. He smiled and said, “ah, is now much better.”Drop dead. Yun know is red to “flirt”, low scolded, foot fiercely on the red feet, painful red straight smoke aback, it proudly to the red said, “to tell you,, I got a silver outfit last night! Hum, with this piece of equipment, I rise to also not like to fly? You just wait and throw in the towel!”The red heart snigger, “silver equipment? So slag equipment mean or take now to now, really is a girl. When you see the artifact is me, see you what facial expression!” He simply closed his eyes, a pair of ignore expression. Small, he’s really not letting this go in his ear a low said, “when you lose not to play to depend on!” Then, small, happily back to her seat.Xiao Yun just go away,cheap polarized outlet, from the back door of the classroom and came to a man, sat down on the red side, “Hello, Xiao ming! How to be out of spirits? What are you thinking of?” My best friend fat red eagerly embraces the red shoulder, “do you want to hear about the big red to bright union details? I was a member of light union Oh, yesterday that may be all I see!”Red to a big jump, thanks to her yesterday in Sandru’s cloak,cheap frogskins outlet, over half of the face, and had a layer.

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