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Uh…… To tell the truth, the “second generation” game helmet, the original plan and game development companies in the second generation game helmet is completely two horses. Is a game development company to see, there are many game player complain, forced six hours too rigid. Suddenly have a brain wave, just out of the “second generation” game helmet for temporary development.Of course, their motivation, and not to solve the game player of game time, but in order to sell one more game helmet.The conquest of the game, but twelve billion of the game player, even if only 20% of the game player decided to buy this pseudo two generation game helmet, it can sell more than two billion four hundred million games…… .Red, is one of the two billion four hundred million big. However, the pseudo two generation game helmet in his hands is played to its maximum effect.Red was the physical quality,discount oakley polarized, though not bad, but also in general is very. On normal days, boil a night without sleep, some caved, the very next day I poor spirit.But after entering the conquer game, not only in his memory, comprehension are getting better and better, and physical fitness is more and more powerful.Although the red body, regardless of strength, speed is not significantly improved, but the essence of God is much better, two days and two nights without sleep, like a game.Although the time consumed for a long time,cheap oakley holbrook sunglasses, but the red harvest but really is not smallDirectly will rise to one hundred and ninety-nine and, in the final kill the rats BOSS after deep cave, cave rat heads of the abyss, from its body into a treasure mapAccording to legend, endless abyss, there are countless, let the dragon are salivating treasure these treasures, down the only clue is a variety of monster treasure mapThe two days and two nights of hard work, although nothing is now red, but how many will have the feeling of fatigue. But to see this moment maps,cheap polarized sunglasses, all tired, have turned into ecstasyAccording to legend, endless abyss treasures, each place is fabulously richHowever, the red rest,, continue to go up after the line, did not immediately come to look for treasure. As early as before deep cave rat heads, red level reached one hundred and ninety-nine grade, one hundred percent. It is time to every 100 a hundred upgrade task.Just get the treasure map, is fighting for two days and two nights, to get the treasure, also don’t know what kind of hardshipIf you don’t finish the task of upgrading the level two hundred, it’s not wasting experience?Although the red is the king of beasts kylin sending 100 upgrading potions, but that’s only useful for pets, the game player is invalid. But this time is different. If it is in the past, the two hundred level upgrade tasks, can put the red this “everyone hates” super red name game player to worried to death.After all, 100 upgrade tasks is random task. Has nothing to do with the difficulty of the task, but with the receiving task related to how much the absolute. The task more.

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