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This is not the end of it, after the warehouse thing empty, red et al in the warehouse in situ rest, rest for two days and two nights, every six hours, the warehouse material automatically refresh time, a total of refresh eight times, all are red into the nothingness BraceletThat a joint first, red charge for nine timesSystem in warehouse with vast territory and abundant resources, rich in resources to describe, a little tooIf not two days later, Appollo city hall staff, finally found the director assistant disappeared, and sent to find the warehouse, found the warehouse has been red country occupation, red must be more close to him several timesThe revelations, red and not a little “caught dirty” consciousness, but a big roar, “Dude door with me take the Appollo city hall, I’ll give you made sense”Double a, people are raising, the Red Army, like the wolf cry to Appollo hall rushed past.And it is worthy of the title system in Po, this red army,discount oakley sunglasses outlet, just rushed to the front of the city hall, Po Luocheng city guards killed.System in city guards, the lowest level is the level 400Even if the Red Army, everyone has a soul tree body, can let the enemy down half of property. But even so, they in the attribute is not the city guard and in quantity, as the system main, Po Luocheng resident hundreds of thousands of troops, even if the Red Army to turn out in full strength, no people moreA crisis, have red personallyRed laughs, Linglong tower into the skyLinglong tower a, immediately issued with gold,cheap oakley holbrook sunglasses, thousands of city guards were immediately Linglong tower directly to the sucking up immediately, in the Red Army around, two hundred meters, not a city guard continue to existAnd this one, not only from thousands of city guard, the red to the dry, MP suddenly see a bottom. Red without hesitation, took out a lot of special effects to blue agent, can not see, directly to the mouth plug.He responded to the MP, many already for the red nations soldiers, a game player, also have more evil eye, who face the demon Eagle “surrender” red country monster, call rushed out, toward the red behind the Appollo City Hall rushed past.When the AWA Luocheng town Wei-jun, once again rushed up, red MP and restore full, exquisite tower smoke again with gold, and thousands of city guard, being inhaled Linglong tower.Red launched ten consecutive Linglong tower phagocytosis, finally even the exquisite tower also digested,discount oakley outlet sunglasses, a total of only consumed more than 40000 city guards, even the whole Po Luocheng city guards are less than 1/10The critical moment,oakley sunglasses outlet uk, chuck, black free black old marshal, with his own guards, standing in the front of the redMarshal Hei Lao, 900 of the people his own guards, although not much, only five thousand people, but the level is reached level 700 even though the red territory

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