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I got the official email to say that I’m moving back to college on August 28th (mwahh my prediction was correct!).  In the meantime I have a lot of things I need to get done before I head back, and one of those is finishing my back to school shopping.  I have a list of things I need supply wise (groceries will have to wait…) and I want to do some more clothes shopping before I head back.
I’ve been doing some shopping already and scaling the discount racks and I’ve found some pretty good deals.  I found a pair of jeans at Aeropostle a few weeks ago for $7.50 (can’t beat that) and last week when I was shopping I grabbed a sweatjacket, new bag (my current one has been well used) and a pair of $7 slip-ons.  I’ve gotten a few shirts and jewelry in the process too.
When I do my back to school shopping,moncler men, Ihave a list of stores that are must hits like Target, Kohls, Belk and JCpenny.  Then I have stores that I hit when I can,moncler outlet, but they’re hit or miss like mall stores (only if they have sales!), Old Navy (some of their stuff is cheaply made…material wise),buy moncler, Gabriels & Platos Closet, Sears,moncler clairy, and a few others.
I’m going this monday to see if I can finish a good chunk of my shopping.  There’s a lot of sales going on and I like to get the end of summer sales (since most stores have fall stuff out now) and get them for fairly cheap ($6 capris,moncler shop, why not!). 
What stores do you hit when you shop for clothes and when it comes to back to school/college shopping where do you hit?


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