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See More Aboutinfographicsbook jacket designillustrationpublication artAlthough you may think this type of work is mostly for graphic artists and photographers,moncler on sale, publication art is not strictly graphics, it also includes typography and page layoutfor covers, inserts, etc.Publication Art includes magazine covers and book jacketdesigns, custom illustrations and photography for books or periodicals, and technical illustration. While many larger publishers handle the artwork in-house, one market for freelance designers to explore is the creation of jacket designs and artwork for smaller self-publishers or CD inserts for smaller independent bands and music publishers.With book jackets and illustrations the desktop publisher may be called upon to provide the completed artwork themselves in connection with a publishing project. They may contract with others to provide the illustrations or they may themselves specialize in a certain type of drawing or photography — providing their services to book or magazine publishers directly or through another designer.Designing Publication ArtThe same general principles of designfor combining text and images for any type of graphic design project also apply to publication art such as book jackets. Certain publications require custom illustrations which can be drawn in graphics software or created by traditional means then converted to digital formats. This can include technical drawings such as chartsand graphsor other infographics as well as other drawings and photographs.You can design some types of publication art without using your own original drawings or photos. The art may be supplied by the client or you can obtain it from other sources then use your page layout skills to turn it into a suitable arrangement for a book jacket, a magazine cover,moncler vest men, or a newsletter nameplate.Book Covers and Jacketsincludes examples and templates plus tips and tricks.CD / DVD Packagingoften involves a lot of art and special printing methods.Newsletter Designcovers many parts of the newsletter including artwork.Technical Illustrationappears in books and magazines and other publications.Brush up on your photographyand drawing skillsif you want to do it all from art to artwork. While some designers may handle everything from book jacket to book layout or newsletter nameplate to each issue of the newsletter, you may want to specialize in just creating book jackets or magazine covers or nameplates, etc. while letting others handle the rest of the layout and publishing.Printing Publication ArtYour artwork could appear on almost any type of paper with bookand coverpapers being suitable for a wide variety of publications. You’ll need to be aware of the limitations of printing on newsprintfor illustrations that will be in newspapers, comic books, and some tpes of trade mags.While offset lithographyis the most common printing method for publishing, some projects such as artwork on packaging may use flexographyand gravure printing.Software for Publication ArtWhile the layout for book jackets and packaging is often done in page layout software such as Adobe InDesignor QuarkXPress,moncler jackets, the art in the artwork may start (and sometimes finish) in graphics software including both image editing programs like Photoshopand vector illustration software such as CorelDRAWor Adobe Illustrator.Low-cost or free alternatives include programs such as Serif PagePlus, Scribus, Inkscape, and GIMP.16 Categories of Design SpecializationIn many ways a publication art such as a book jacket is a lot like a display adfor a magazine or product packaging.Annual Reports & ProposalsBusiness FormsCatalogs, Menus,moncler outlet, & Product ListsCollaterals (brochures, etc.)Crafts & Creative PrintingIdentity Systems (logo, letterhead)Marketing Materials (ads,moncler outlet store, direct mail)PackagingPeriodicals (newsletters, magazines)Presentation GraphicsPublication ArtPublications(books, manuals, booklets, etc.)Self-publishingSignageWeb, Mobile, and Multimedia Publishing