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38-year-old husband,doudoune femme moncler, wife, 35-year-old now has a 6-year-old son. The hospital has accepted an appointment to the couple,christian louboutin for cheap, cesarean section is scheduled for this morning.Policy InterpretationSingle mother gave birth to two children only one child did not leaveOther insured the same treatment,chaussure tn pas cher, maternity insurance fund contribution rates or will be timely raisedGuangdong alone two-child policy formally implemented,abercrombie soldes, “separate” Mom born two children could enjoy maternity insurance into focus.Reporter yesterday from the Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, along with the birth control policy adjustment alone when couples just attended a Second Child over more than one year maternity insurance.

“Her poor response fetal monitoring, students will be better soon.”However,cheap christian louboutin, in the day of March 19, Leung denied suggestions admission to be produced. “Last week,louboutin femme, the presence of 1% risk of scar rupture in case of contractions,parajumpers femme, adults and children are difficult to keep .3 26, her fetal heart rate monitoring is very poor,tiffany, but still reluctant to students.”Doctors and nurses who are on tenterhooks,moncler, but Leung eventually endure to 10:00 yesterday, Guangdong,abercrombie london, “alone two child” policy vote, before agreeing to caesarean section. His family,abercrombie & fitch, said the family has already done a fine preparation, daughter and other policies have to come out. This forbearance, although the province more than 30 million of the social compensation fee,basket louboutin femme, but also to the family to sweat. 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Ms Leung finally pushed the operating room, smooth output a baby girl.Reporters yesterday from Guangdong Pharmaceutical University Hospital Affiliated Xintian reproductive informed that the hospital in Guangzhou yesterday received a mother’s household two children alone cesarean appointment. The couples separate.

and the Second Birth meet the child policy, you can get maternity insurance guarantee fund,peuterey prezzi, including female insured childbirth allowance,parajumpers femme, maternity medical expenses, disposable childbirth nutrition subsidies.”Originally for one child, two children alone in the double birth reimbursement policy areas can be expanded to a separate second child birth.” Human Resources Director at City of injury and maternity insurance and social security bureau, said Zhang Xuewen.It is reported that only after a specific number of days on approved maternity leave, maternity alone certainly not the only child to enjoy 35 days holiday. The rest leave, still follow the original implementation of the standards.SCIENGE also revealed that.

due to the possibility of two children in this population to increase fertility, maternity insurance fund expenditure amount will increase. If income over expenditure, will affect the sustainability of the system. “Currently,veste barbour, the national, provincial human resources and social security department is working on the development of maternity insurance fund rate adjustment policy,abercrombie, once introduced, will follow the implementation of Guangzhou.”It is understood that maternity insurance is one of the five social insurance coverage,doudoune parajumpers, the premium payment is fully responsible for the business, individual workers do not need to bear. Before 2007, only for insured workers residence in Guangzhou, when the rate was 0.7% payment of insured workers pay flat monthly salary.After 2007, maternity insurance for migrant workers groups after the open.

the contribution rates have been raised once, by 0.85% of insured workers pay flat monthly wage levy,barbour homme, such rates are still in use.Coordinator: Southern Reporter Huang Yaxi written: Southern Reporter Liu Jin Wu Guangyu its honey Wang Daobin Huangya Xi Zou Wei Wan intern Chen Yi Jian Liao Hui Chang Song Qing Zhang Yuting Tu JUVENILE(Original title: “alone” Pregnant women still have to apply for approval of two children.