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but it does not infer the relationship has been established between the contractor and the Horse garment factory and lift labor relations.In Li Mouliang and Dengmou call recording, deng Horse garment factory has been made due to restructuring and the intention not to hire Li Mouliang. Therefore, the court held that a horse garment factory,doudoune moncler femme, these acts have been able to fully prove Dengmou the garment factory due to the fact that reform eventually dismissed, according to the provisions of labor relations to pay economic compensation 17,500 yuan (3500 yuan 5) .Spring Festival is approaching,abercrombie and fitch milano, but Beijing’s dust haze lingering. If dust haze will encounter during the Spring Festival,hogan outlet, fireworks if you want to be restricted? Prior to the discussion online display,air max pas cher pour femme, support for limited release sounds majority. This issue Beijing News “news investigation” (Beijing News “Reviews Week” jointly launched with clear research consultancy) results also confirmed that support or hold put less accounted for the vast majority of respondents.From a subjective point of view wishes,barbour catalogue, 80.2% of respondents would choose “less fireworks”, select “hold fireworks” also has 71.4 percent. Thus.

Horse garment factory, deng reason to continue to pay wages to February 2013 and to pay social security,outlet abercrombie, because Horse garment factory in the post for many years as an accountant in order to facilitate the transfer of work,zanotti pas cher, so continue to pay wages and social security Li Mouliang January and February 2013 period. On the other hand, Li Mouliang absenteeism up to four months, nor any indication, his behavior constituted absenteeism,hollister milano, according to the “labor contract” agreement and “Horse garment factory rules” provisions, should be voluntary termination processing.[Judgment] due to restructuring and the defendant has made a representation no longer employedThe trial, Horse garment factory, deposit receipts submitted Dengmou although the fact that horses can prove Li Mouliang hire garment factory washing plant.

The record proves matters are dismissed due inquiry Dengmou Dengmou think it dismissed not because he was doing something wrong, but “did nothing wrong, but reform,air max bw pas cher, no way.”In this regard, Horse garment factory, deng to the court alleged that is because of his contract under the Water Horse garment factory workshop and resign,christian louboutin pas cher, Horse garment factory has provided rental deposit receipt washing machine can confirm (the Lease payment receipt stated deposit washing machine Horse garment factory to 20,outlet hogan,000 yuan, and which have been returned to the lower right corner indicate . inscribed in time for the December 22,air max femme pas cher, 2012),magasin abercrombie france, and Li Mouliang offer The recording can also be evidence of this fact. Li Mouliang as accounting, contracting washing plant to be the boss, of course, can not do accounting garment factory. Li Mouliang was voluntary resignation in December 2012.

in the case of severe contamination, appropriate restrictions on fireworks have relatively broad consensus. Thus,hollister pas cher france, on whether to support the government would “ban fireworks” is written emergency plan issues, supported by an absolute majority proportion is accounted for 82.1%.And how in the government “interference” fireworks on the issue, there are 64.9% of people chose the “Health First,abercrombie online, pollution should be comprehensive ban”, and 30.2% of people chose the “based on contamination levels and regional and time and other factors,hollister pas cher soldes, differentiated limited release. ” In support of the government “interference” of the premise,hollister e co, even the “comprehensive ban” This is more “absolute” approach, but also to get more than half of the respondents support. Visible, the recent continuous dust haze,tiffany firenze, has caused most people wary, willing to “sacrifice” the fireworks display of fun and freedom.In opposition to the government “interference” in the part of the population, and 47.8 percent chose “fireworks display is a traditional folk.