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the United States or the European Union standards. In the case of the EU is not specified limits,woolrich milano, our main criteria used by the US. At present,hogan rebel, the maximum residue limit of veterinary standards and specific types of limit values � et basically reached the level of developed countries, and international standards.Codex Alimentarius Commission is currently developing a total of 57 kinds of veterinary drugs limited value in cattle, swine, poultry,orecchini tiffany, sheep and other major animal tissues. “Veterinary drugs in food of animal origin MRL Directive” EU administration of a veterinary drug residues in the core regulations, determine the maximum residue limit of 118 species. American veterinary drugs MRLs system,abercrombie and fitch milano, there are varieties of MRLs values � ontained in the veterinary antibiotics,hollister outlet, anti-parasitic,louboutin homme pas cher, anti-histamine,piumini woolrich, hormone drugs, etc.,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, a total of 108 species. China’s development of veterinary drugs MRLs total of 96 kinds.About residue limits, countries differ in drug varieties settings. Such as antibiotics: EU 51 kinds, USA 34 kinds, CAC15 species, 37 kinds of Chinese; anti-parasitic drugs: EU 38 kinds.

China formulated the MRLs total of 96 kinds of veterinary drugs,hogan outlet, banned 67 types of compounds, basic to our existing technology to achieve accurate detection of these compounds.At present, China’s quality standards related to safety of veterinary drugs include: “Veterinary national standards and professional standards in the withdrawal of some varieties of provisions” (Ministry of Agriculture Bulletin No. 278),hollister felpe, “food animal veterinary drugs and other compounds Disabled List” (Ministry of Agriculture,air max femme pas cher, 193 GN), “prohibit the use in animal feed and drinking water in the catalog of the varieties of drugs” (Ministry of Agriculture Bulletin No. 176) and so on. Disable compounds provisions totaling 67 species, in which “food animal veterinary drugs and other compounds disabled list” in 2002 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture regulations, 10 types of 13 kinds of compounds banned in aquatic species,hollister, including lindane, toxaphene, carbofuran ( carbofuran), chlordimeform (g dead mite), amitraz, antimony potassium tartrate, Trypanosoma arsine amine,hollister italia, malachite green, sodium pentachlorophenol and various mercury preparations.Standards related to veterinary drug residues and residues have residue limits of detection standards,outlet tiffany, China formulated and promulgated the “food animal veterinary drugs MRLs” (Ministry of Agriculture Bulletin No. 235), formulated and promulgated a veterinary drug residue detection method 145 sequences belonging to national standards items, including 14 veterinary drug residues in aquatic products standard detection methods.It is understood that the Ministry of Agriculture has been basically completed,outlet hogan, “veterinary drugs in animal foods MRLs” revision, the next step will be to fulfill the public for comments on the WTO notification, approval publishing program.Four questions: whether the differences in veterinary drug residue standards at home and abroad?[Respond] standards of veterinary drugs maximum residue limit the types and specific limit value is set to reach the level of developed countriesMaximum residue limits of veterinary drugs mainly uses the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

USA 17 kinds, CAC21 species, 34 kinds of Chinese; anticoccidial drugs: EU three kinds US 19 kinds,moncler doudoune, CAC2 species, 17 kinds of Chinese.Some veterinary drugs in our country is not specified limits while other countries have regulations,hogan outlet, mainly because most of the products are not approved for use in our country.