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and Type 054A frigate drew its cheap Chinese navy’s favor, reportedly has been added subsequent orders,doudoune moncler femme, follow-054B frigate is also still to be estimated. Chinese aircraft carrier battle group is also supporting the simultaneous development of nuclear attack submarines,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, the submarine has a total anti-ship cruise missiles and aircraft on land and launch capabilities. According to China’s consistent practice, a new generation of nuclear submarines in the design stage is estimated that China used to be a model derived from the development of weapon type or new design type in the back of the same model dubbed the different letters, therefore, with the model name for the Internet generation nuclear submarine plan approach is not rigorous, not to mention just some futuristic model name, such as the development of Chinese nuclear submarines are not rumors. Aircraft carrier battle group is an important guarantee of supplies aircraft carrier battle group operations, the Chinese navy supply ship currently available does not meet the needs of Chinese aircraft carrier battle groups, therefore, the development of new aircraft support ship imperative, 50,000-ton The aircraft should have been proactive support ship.There are still a large number of Chinese Navy Type 037 submarine hunting (missile) 053 boats and some old frigate.

but there has never been given the Chinese aircraft carrier catapult design experience,tiffany italia, the design process will be more difficult ,nike tn 2014, and the cycle will be longer, and not,woolrich parka, as some foreign media have already started the construction of the alleged. Expects China’s first aircraft carrier catapult type will use steam power and steam catapult, a few years after the start of construction. Catapult-type aircraft carrier-based aircraft is one of the priorities of China’s current aircraft carriers for the F-15, the fourth-generation aircraft carrier China must be the goal,christian louboutin sale, but what is with the J-20 or the F -31 ( No. 31001) has yet to get to the bottom. However,christian louboutin shoes, from the F -31 to participate in Zhuhai Air Show 2014 event of view, this approach seems contrary to Chinese custom,chaussure zanotti, indicates whether the F -31 aircraft remains to be seen more like a model for export. Before the fourth-generation carrier-based aircraft in the successful development and mass construction, China seems to be useful as a sign of the J-15 aircraft carrier-based aircraft catapult type of transition, which is also in line with China’s consistent practice prudent, before straight -18 AWACS development is completed, China is also useful card -31 AWACS prepare backup.China in the development of aircraft carriers, the development of other ships are carried out simultaneously,air max pas cher pour femme, some of which can also be a naval aircraft carrier battle group support,doudoune femme moncler, support ships such as aircraft carriers,moncler sito ufficiale, attack submarine and destroyer and other supporting aircraft carrier battle group ships usually There destroyers, frigates, attack submarines and aircraft support ship. After proportional Wuhan built-ton destroyer exposure test model, has seen roughly 055 destroyers form, is expected in the year 055 destroyers likely put the construction, which cost about four times the Chinese Type 054A frigate.

and this corresponds to the surface combatants is 056 light frigates,moncler, destroyers, 052 series,air max femme, 055 frigates and aircraft carrier battle group. In addition, China is also strengthening amphibious capability,cheap christian louboutin shoes, currently 071 integrated landing craft being made continuously, while more than 30,barbour soldes,000 tons of the amphibious assault ship has also been reported in the design. China’s national defense capabilities must be consistent with the level of economic development of China’s economic development is the basis for the construction of national defense strength.

as well as the strategic development needs of the Chinese navy is currently incompatible with Type 022 missile boat group, the Chinese navy trying to use 056 corvettes Replace these ships. Early in the construction of a number of 056-type light frigate, the current is 056A began building larger type light frigate. Electronic weapons configuration 056 light frigate is more comprehensive, less than 053 frigate; its high degree of automation, staffing is only 67; 056A type 3XX subsequent installation of a type built towed sonar and underwater acoustic warfare system 5XX type and is compatible ramp launching rocket assisted,peuterey prezzi, which greatly enhances the ability of exploration submarine and anti-submarine weapons. Judging from the number of 056 light frigates built for the Chinese navy military-type light frigate is satisfactory, the construction is rumored to exceed the number of Type 022 missile boat.Chinese navy seems trying to build nearly waters, and ocean waters COSCO three different levels of power delivery range.

defense strength is the guarantee of economic development, along with China’s economic development and national defense strength, China will become the blue planet Giants on! (Authorship: peak pop3)All articles in this section aims to deliver more information, does not mean that this site agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. Where the site marked the copyrighted work, the copyright belongs to Sina, where the signature of the author and the copyright belongs to the original author or publisher,air max bw pas cher, without the authorization of this site may not be reproduced or excerpts or use other ways to use these works.Sina Military: Army fans the most preferred militarLin XiaozhaoFighting has intensified in Yunnan,zanotti pas cher, while the leadership of Yunnan have also been adjusted.”Xinhua News Agency issued” client reports on the 14th in the afternoon, a few days ago, the CPC Central Committee decided: Comrade Ren Yunnan Provincial Party Secretary Li Jiheng; Qin Guangrong comrades no longer serve as Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Secretary.