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it is recommended to Haikou large referral hospital. Hospital confirmed by the Hainan Land Reclamation Bureau, Wang Zhao expensive for rodenticide poisoning.It is understood that after entering the hospital, the king called your body has been very weak, weakness in limbs, speech is also very difficult, now he can only rely on a respirator to breathe properly completed. “In the beginning living in emergency intensive care unit,doudoune moncler homme, and later moved out to a good point, who knows the situation is serious, and moved into intensive care and emergency.” Your daughter said Wang Zhao,hollister femme, a day in the emergency ICU spend thousands.

000 in funding for this project, as of the 27th of this month, they raise the funds have been more than 50,abercrombie france,000 US dollars, April 6 if they can solve the problem of funding,hogan scarpe, the project will to get through.(Source: China Daily lettTo poison voles eating rice and poisoning,hogan olympia uomo, eventually led to his intoxication, into the emergency intensive care unit. After September 2 pm, 63-year-old town Ding’an thunder king called rat poison in your fields afternoon, evening will appear weakness,louboutin femme pas cher, numbness of systemic symptoms admitted to hospital. 10 days later, the king called you spent more than 40,000 yuan in medical expenses after still no improvement, relying on ventilator to sustain life. � reporter Lan Yuan6-year old man field rat poisonWarfarin himself aspiration powderWang Zhao introduce your daughter, the family living by a few acres of paddy fields. Your father the king called early September found that very serious rodent infestation in rice fields. Because nearly mature rice paddy was no water, rat activity in the rice fields, often bite of rice, is likely to lead to rice production. In order to ensure the harvest, and in previous years,collane tiffany, itinerant traders of your father the king called to the town near where the farmers market and bought a pack of highly toxic powder to kill rats. September 2 in the afternoon,magasin hollister, my father bought a king called Warfarin put your powder sprinkled on the rice fields,, but, in the job, because the wind blows,barbour france,, warfarin powder his nose backflush, soon led to his symptoms.”When he got home, I felt something wrong on the way home from the rice fields, already weak limbs, vomiting.” After the incident, the son, who will be the first time you sent the king called Ding’an People’s Hospital. After a medical examination, you are considered the king called rat poisoning, rat poison into the body poisoning,giubbotto woolrich, a serious condition.

they really powerless commitment.Reporters learned that Wang had five people, two men and a woman,, her daughter is now married,abercrombie pas cher, his wife and two sons have mild mental retardation,woolrich prezzi, livelihoods have been thanks to the king called home one of your support,chaussure louboutin pas cher, by planting a few acres of rice, solve home people rations. In order to solve mundane expenses at home, the king called your site often to the town to do hard labor. “Usually he has done on site porter,hollister, live frugally and never spending a penny.” Nephew said Wang Zhao expensive is the mainstay of the family, he should fall,hogan scarpe, the family would not survive.Reporters learned that, since the hospital,, the family has spent over 40,000 yuan cost of treatment, the hospital window has appeared in the case of a small amount of arrears. “Probably going to the hospital tomorrow to pay a reminder.” Wangpeng Hua said. Has been working in Wenchang City,air max femme, the daughter of his father’s illness because quit his job to take care of his father to the sea. In order to raise money to cure her four to borrow money,, but also to the town government to the government for help, hoping to get some help.Experts advise:To purchase a regular exterminatorIn earlier years, the relevant departments on the analysis of the main market of highly toxic rat poison because of repeated sales are mostly for street hawkers.

they or a street vendor,, selling or pushing a trolley around, with mobility,woolrich outlet online, large dispersion,, concealment strong,tiffany roma,;/, strong individual characteristics, regulation is difficult. In addition, Tetramine low production costs.