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President of Bolivia,doudoune moncler homme, Evo Morales, President of Gabon, Ali? Bongo and President of Paraguay Carters. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will also be invited to attend.In addition, on June 16,tn123, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be watching the German team’s game against Portugal in El Salvador. June 22,woolrich, King Philip of Belgium and the Belgian Prime Minister will attend the match with the Russian team in Rio de Janeiro. Meanwhile,christian louboutin sale, US Vice President Joe Biden will visit Brazil, and the US team went to Natal to watch the match with Ghana.Allegri southern city of Port will usher in two heads of state. Honduran President Hernandez and Dutch King Willem – Alexander will watch their national team were on June 15 and 18 days. In addition, the Prince Albert II of Monaco will watch two games in Rio de Janeiro.July 13,discount christian louboutin shoes, Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the closing ceremony in Rio de Janeiro. Putin unveiled the Maracana stadium.

mainly because the 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia. Foreign heads of state to attend the closing ceremony also included Kenyan President Kenyatta.Reference News Network April 11 foreign media reported that the 2012 Miss International beauty pageant winner Jisong Yu reputation of Japanese women own some Japanese nonsense “No need to apologize for the Japanese comfort women” feel shame and anger after Japan’s Internet users target.According to South Korea,christian louboutin outlet, “Chosun Ilbo” website reported April 10, Ikumi Yoshimatsu guest CBS program in March 29 when the “Robin Morgan’s female voice”, and feminist activist Robin – Morgan talked about the Japanese comfort Women’s problems. She said: “Some Japanese right-wing advocates of ‘comfort women are prostitutes, no need to apologize” As a Japanese, I am ashamed of such claims, as a woman,hollister milano, I’ (on the comfort women issue). problems exist apology ‘proposition angry. “Reported that Ikumi Yoshimatsu said apology means any time in 1993 on behalf of the Government Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono acknowledged the Japanese army conscription of comfort women and apologize for the “Kono Statement.” In other words, Ikumi Yoshimatsu attacked right after Abe took office in 2012 in Japan appears to deny or cancel the “Kono Statement” trends.Day program focuses on Ikumi Yoshimatsu launched the “complete elimination of tracking movement,parajumpers homme,” but after she remarks about the Japanese comfort women spread,christian louboutin shoes, angered the Japanese Internet users.Ikumi Yoshimatsu’s Facebook appeared in many personal attacks nature of the message,abercrombie pas cher, such as “international laughing stock,” “say such a thing to prove you’re a vase”, “do not understand, do not discuss sensitive issues of international politics” and so on.Ikumi Yoshimatsu graduated from the University of the Sacred Heart. This university is a 100-year history of the Catholic Church door, Empress Michiko of Japan have graduated from these schools. Ikumi Yoshimatsu has been actively involved in the movement of women and children.

also served as members of the Japanese Cabinet low birth countermeasures. When the Tokyo bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics, she also worked as a consultant.After her remarks about the comfort women spread malicious message after another. Faced with this situation, Ikumi Yoshimatsu finally on his blog and Facebook publicly stated: “As the English level is not high, in an interview, something of a misnomer for some translation issues to bring misunderstanding and confusion. I am very sorry. “This is because some users and moderators Morgan accused her together will be called comfort women” sex slaves. ” Ikumi Yoshimatsu but did not cancel his speech, she said:. “Comfort women to think of ourselves in the situation, I am very sad.”(Original title: Miss Congeniality Japanese comfort women advocate on issues apology was [Global Times special correspondent in Hong Kong Hicredit].

but also hope that the country is conducive Hong Kong prosperity and stability.Hong Kong, “Wen Wei Po” reported that the British government announced earlier half of Hong Kong latest report submitted to Congress. British Foreign Secretary report claimed that the best way to maintain the advantages of Hong Kong, is “to respond to the demands of Hong Kong people,” towards universal suffrage in line with the framework of the Basic Law,parajumpers homme, “Hong Kong people should be the focus of any proposal that a ‘real choice’, so that they can ‘really’ dominant own future. “This statement,zanotti homme, and Hong Kong for the opposition claimed that the” true universal suffrage “exactly the same, much criticized by the community.Xinhua Brasilia, June 6 (Reporter Liu Tong ) today announced the Brazilian presidential palace,abercrombie, during the World Cup.

there will be a number of Heads of State and Government to Brazil match. Some of which belong to the leaders of participating countries, and they specifically come to cheer for their team.June 12,mulberry uk, there will be the leaders of 11 countries attended the opening ceremony in Sao Paulo. They are Croatian Prime Minister Milanovic, President of Chile Michelle Bachelet,christian louboutin sale, President of Ecuador Rafael Correa,parajumpers france, President of Ghana Mahama,cheap louboutin shoes, Uruguayan President Mujica, Qatar Emir ? This? Hamad? Al-Thani, President of Suriname Bao Tese,hollister soldes, Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.