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before January and was arrested in 2010, served as mountain Pucun branch secretary and director of the village committee.53-year-old tiger is Beijing Jian Chi, former junior high school education, from June 2004 to May 2010,hogan scarpe, Director of the glass Miaozhen mountain villagers’ committee Pucun any Huairou District of Beijing, in June 2010 to be arrested, as Deputy Director of the mountain Pu Cun village committees, when in November 2006 to be arrested, has any glass Miaozhen party,scarpe hogan outlet, deputies.Huairou Procuratorate accused,woolrich outlet, Jian Chi Rong Jian Chi Tiger in 2008, were held in Huairou District miaozhen glass mountain Pucun branch secretary.

traders stepped Yan’an chased storms head hit the crowd chased Huaibei students,hogan interactive, Fushun chased and beaten elderly onlookers, so that “chased” once again become universally condemned.Why chased repeated beatings in the end? “Trouble onus temporary” vicious cycle of how to solve? China Youth Daily reporter for this in-depth interviews with hawkers, urban management,barbour femme, academics and other parties to view, search for answers to these questions.Everything wrong in the “temporary”?Yan’an chased after stepping merchant head incident, Yan’an municipal government released the evening of June 5 results: Yan’an City Administration inspectors to monitor the detachment of the Phoenix Battalion squadron commander Zhang Qi, member of the South wavelet punishment was “administrative demerits” the remaining six coordinators directly “dismissal.”This “temporary expulsion.

” the punishment decision, raises more questions of people.”After the” Labor Law “, there is no temporary workers it! Every government department accident,woolrich bambino, say that they are temporary dry, which is blatantly illegal government declarations and demonstrations,hogan 2014 uomo, as well as face to say what the rule of law?” Famous Moderator Meng Fei published microblogging, sparked more than 17 million times forwarding.After seeing the news,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, Xuanwu District, Nanjing city inspectors Battalion Zhao issued a “Nine Commentaries temporary” microblogging.He believes that the coordinators have signed labor contracts called “temporary” is misleading, but the exact highlighted its “interim” features: at any time to hire, at any time to dismiss, hired without assessment, low entry barriers, low normal income Working Kulei dirty … “is not temporary,woolrich parka, like temporary workers.”Why recruit coordinators?Zhao think there are three reasons: First.

such as Shanghai, Wuhan and Guangzhou cities, to promote their parking garage was still quite good,woolrich donna, many Beijingers do not like to go to parking garage, the first is a matter of habit, and the second is a study on this to promote awareness of issues and problems. Parking garage, I think as a new thing, I think it should be vigorously promoted.(Original title: Beijing-dimensional code inspection staff parking authenticity was ridicule: lazy government Village power grids extort money from the power supply unit area of � ompensation by the glass Miaozhen powered by cable 100 000 for services rendered two sub-50,000 yuan Village were sentenced for taking bribesLegal Evening News (Reporter Xue Hong) one party secretary,woolrich sito ufficiale, is a village director, deputies, both at the time of the supply line transformation demanded by the area of � ompensation for services rendered.Reporters learned that morning, and glass Miaozhen mountain Pu Cun Rong Jian Chi branch secretary and the village director, glass Miaozhen party, deputies Jian Chi tiger because bribes were Huairou court to commit non-national staff taking bribes and sentenced eight months in prison. In addition, the two were also expelled from the party.48-year-old Jian Chi Wing is Beijing,barbour catalogue, high school culture, from January 2004 to December 2009, he served in Huairou District, glass miaozhen Pucun branch secretary of the mountain.

village head during the State Grid Electric Power Company,ciondoli tiffany, Beijing Huairou supply companies 35KV line transformation preliminary planimetric area and compensation process, the use of his office to ask for glass Miaozhen powered by “labor costs” 100,000 yuan, and illegal possession.Assistance in compensation after preliminary work Huairou supply companies in the mountain Pu Cun 35KV line renovation project carried out in. Two defendants share of 50,000 yuan per person.January 6, 2014, the Anti-Corruption Bureau of Huairou staff telephone contact Jian Chi Rong Jian Chi tiger, let two people waiting at home after investigators with the two defendants from their homes to the Huairou District People’s Procuratorate investigation. Money has been paid back documented.In the hearing, Jian Chi Rong Jian Chi Tigers guilty.Court that pool Jianrong,outlet moncler, Jian Chi Tiger used his office to obtain property for the benefit of others, constitutes a non-national staff accepting bribes. Given the two have voluntarily surrendered themselves, the Department of a first offense, and has returned the money and show repentance, it was decided to reduce the punishment for the two.Final court order non-national staff taking bribes and sentenced to imprisonment for eight months Rong Jian Chi; sentenced to eight months in prison Jian Chi tiger. Documented the recovery of stolen money 100,collane tiffany,000 yuan confiscated to the state treasury.It is reported that August 28, 2014, the Standing Committee of the CPC Beijing Huairou District Commission for Discipline Inspection decided to give Jian Chi Rong Jian Chi Tiger expelled from the party.Chased scholars “that both sides” hot -Only tangled chased itself can never break itNewspaper intern reporter Zhuang Qinghong Zhang Hui”The real and the masses ‘mix’ is chased up!” There are so many netizens sigh,abercrombie soldes france. In recent days,hollister abercrombie.